For the Royal Wedding and this Fusion Friday - it's all about Jack. The Union Jack that is. The Union Jack itself is actually the symbol of unity of three countries, and their flags fused into one. The Union Jack has also been merged into both apparel & accessories and home goods & interior room styles. It has been made into everything from fabulous Alexander McQueen clutches, boots and coats, to cell phones, bed covers, and furniture upholstery. It's also been made into the now infamous saying - Keep Calm And Carry On (including my own version for William & Kate posted at the end).

Enjoy the collection...


All images collected from Google


OK... that was a LOT of Jack...
But for today of all days - ya gotta love it!

If you would like to read more about history of the
Union Jack flag, whose history actually dates back to this month -
April 12, 1606 - you can just click the link here...

It's actually really cool.
And for those of you who really don't give a hoot
about the historic wedding fuss today - here's something for you...

I on the other hand caught the fever this Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to viewing and tweeting about the wedding. the trees in the church, and of coarse - the dress!
Also - be sure to check out the
ideabook over on Houzz - and be inspired to create
something royal for yourself this weekend!

Cheers to William & Kate
as they unite their lives into one!
Keep Calm And Marry On!


  1. Love this post...I never knew the origin of the flag but then again my father was Irish and not a fan of Great Britain or the English.

    I might have to find that image today. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. Great eye candy! I love the big canvas for the wall, awesome!

    Totally enjoyed the events and the big day!


  3. Love todays post! And, the lucite chairs - to die for!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the depth of all this great history, Lynda! Very cool info and pics! My fav was the old Union Jack truck!! awwwwww Debi



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