While experimenting with different color combinations and looks for Easter tablescapes, I also tried a challenge. I've usually posted tablescapes with two or four place settings - but no more than six. This time, I experimented with eight. I pulled a look together without the exact match set of dishes, and still maintained a cohesive look. The solution I used was mixing some of my everyday white dishes with textured white dishes I collected while thrifting. And then I started in on a play with words: Carrots (the orange) and Karats (the gold). To get the look started, I pulled together all the elements I thought I "might" use, and started to play around with pairings on the table before setting it.

Collected painted gold details to pair with my thrifted gold glasses - which were a huge find: they are iconic mid century shoji glasses!

Top shelf of wine glass cabinet in the kitchen...

Once the vision was sparked, I cleared the table and tried out some settings,
first using the original thought of orange and gold...

I tried rolled napkins tucked into glasses.

I tried fresh carrots tucked into nests.

I tried different looks with the napkin also.
Here I simply tied it in one knot.
I tried the carrots tucked into the basket.

Later, I shifted towards playing more with the green with the use of green apples.

Name cards can be added to the apples for place settings...

Gold rimmed plate - thrifted in the Fall.
White dinner plate, thrifted earlier this year.

The empty wine bottles came in handy as a versatile vessel for the center of the table. In lieu of a bow, I hung the gold eggs - off to the side- from them. I also tried adding palm fronds, but it was looking too summery. The bottles did created height and added shine on the table. I didn't have any, but they could be filled with jellybeans for Easter. For Summer, they can be filled in with sand or white pea gravel...

Even though it's not a perfectly matched 'set' of dishes, the repeating use of other elements helped to create a fresh look - for Spring with expected Easter motifs (eggs and bunnies) or even for Summer through the use of the colors: green, orange & white. Either way, it's a modern fresh approach for inspiration to decorate your table for Easter...

Table items used:

Natural & Gold threaded table Runner - After Holiday Clearance at West Elm
Green Moss - After Holiday Clearance at West Elm
8 Highball 8 Old Fashion Vintage Shoji gold bar glasses (thrifted 20 @ $12)
6 thrifted white textured rim dinner plates - $1 each
4 Thrifted gold rim salad plates - .50 each
2 Thrifted white textured rim salad plates - .25 each
2 Plain white dinner & 2 salad plates - our everyday dishes
3 painted white thrifted Easter bunnies
3 Emptied wine bottles
3 Faux orange blooms - 50% off at Michael's
4 green birds - Michael's
6 Mini Terracotta Pots - 3 for $1 Dollar Store
6 Birds Nests - had from HomeGoods
Embroidered runner on bench - HomeGoods
4 Gold painted baskets - as natural from $1 bin at Michael's
4 Orange eggs - picked our from multi-colored bags while making wreaths
4 green & 4 orange colored glasses - had from Pier One
8 White embroidered napkins - had
8 Fresh green apples - Publix

Tips to take-away:

1. When you see something - think about the ways you
could use it - in the season or the next - if the price is right, buy it!

2. Give yourself some time to experiment with different combinations, because your first thought may not be the best - your best may actually be something totally different and unexpected. You may even discover a variation you could use at a later date.

3. Use what you do have - even everyday items - in new ways - even as fillers and don't fret if everything isn't a perfect matched set.

4. Keep focused on a strong color point of view for wow, impact and drama.

5. Have fun - With the way design is today, don't fret if your wine glasses aren't directly above your knife. The tablescape police is not going to come barging in and rain on your parade. Try and do what looks and feels right on your table.
This is your home you are setting - NOT the Royal Wedding.

As stated in Black Swan -
"Perfection is not just about control. It's also about letting go."
Unless it's a formal setting, let go and have fun with your tablescaping!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. So true.
    I have seen so many people get tied up over the littlest of things.
    I believe in having fun and making it work.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. This is really lovely! I like the roled napkins in that pretty glass. I hear you on tip #5 because I am THAT person that frets and ponders!

  3. Your table is beautiful. I love that it has the Easter elements, but has a modern feel.

  4. Your table is brilliant and unique! It has a distintive personality and is very inviting, also. I give you a standing ovation.

  5. The colors in your table are so refreshing. The oranges and apple green make a striking table. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I like that your table is not pastel. The bold flowers in the wine bottles look great.

  7. I love the wine bottles .. and I recently included a similar item on my blog http://brendastarstudios.blogspot.com/2011/04/inspiration-when-you-least-expect-it.html - if you'd like to look. I always love your ideas and I love hearing your process - it teaches us to think of the possibilities! thanks, Brenda

  8. Your table looks great. I love the use of green and orange. It is very Spring and fresh looking!
    Job well done! Now I need to get to work for this weekend...
    Have a great Easter!

  9. WOW! Thanks Eddie ~ I'm honored!! xo
    And thank you Brenda, Rosie, Miss Char, Phyllis, Janie, Rashon, Sister Sophisticate and All the Pretty Dishes for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I greatly appreciate it and glad you enJOYed the post! xo

    :D Lynda

  10. Fantastic job! I love every detail. You have a great eye for design. Thank you for sharing. Have a happy Easter.

  11. I love vibrant colors...fabulous table...the white/orange/green combo is great for Easter. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Happy Easter, Lynda!

  12. Love the unexpected colour combo and how you took us through all your thought processes in trying different things. You've come up with something unique and interesting!




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