Stores that have pretty displays like Pottery Barn and ZGallerie aren't the only place to shop around for inspiration. Although not as pretty, stores like HomeGoods are categorized to make it easy for you to find a new item for a particular space in your home - but you can also find inspiration to re-invent an old piece, or thrift for something similar and make it your own. For example - I really like nail head trim detail, but this piece was just over the top!

They had it in cream too - but that green!

And it was more unique in shape too (demi-lune) which made it even more interesting.
This is a refreshing way to add pattern to a home. They also had some other inspirational painted pieces...

HomeGoods must really love green too - Even their signs and tags are green!

Some painted pieces were on Clearance, but something like this can be found through thrift. Just use a snapshot of it to refer to to find the color paint and DIY.

Another way to add pattern to your home is to paint it directly onto a piece...
Even if it's a vase or vessel...

The textured white leaf on a shocking green vase looks crisp and fresh!
You might be able to DIY with caulk.

Basics in the kitchen are made fun with color!

Lamp shades are another place to get a simple injection of pattern.
These floral prints are great for Spring!

And even simple green shades can be jazzed up with ribbon.
Sometimes you can find good deals on home goods you can use in
unconventional ways... For example: A Shower curtain isn't just for the shower:

A fun print like this could  be used to cover a basic white lamp shade. You can create new wall art by using it to cover canvas with (just fold over and staple to the back.) One shower curtain can also easily be used to cover four dining room seat cushions (no sew and so EZ - my mom did it to her old chairs with a stripe pattern I got for her).

And of course there are always pillows...
By far - the easiest way to add a pop of color or pattern to a space.

This pattern reminded me of a tablecloth I have, and also the pattern
on some salad plates I've seen at Pier 1.

A great way to get more pattern for your buck:
If you're making a pillow, use print on one side, and a solid on the back.
Clearance finds like table cloths and napkins are good for pillows.

Pillow prints can be a great source of color combo inspiration too.

Green accents can be added to the garden as well. I spotted these fun planters - the cover is actually the dish to catch water. You could probably get the same clean-lined look by using a tissue box cover - upside down and with a glass container inside - to hold flowers in your home (and those are always on clearance).

Got a big yard? Get a big green flatbed!

Other bathroom accessories can be used to hold flowers.
I just recently used two stainless tumblers as bud vases to hold my green mums =)

LOVE the color!
Great inspiration!

But back to the stud details...
This chair was my fave!

Happy Spring and Shopping!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow every single one of those items is just so fresh and bright. Very springy. I'll have to incorporate green more often, I like it!



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