Apparently, not everyone agrees with the "anything goes" approach to styling your home. Understandably so IF you are selling it because it would be too personal. However, displaying those personal touches is what makes a house a home - not a model home and not a store display. In the recently released book, Undecorate, author Christiane Lemieux - designer & founder of DwellStudio home decor - beautifully demonstrates this trend in design today by featuring twenty uniquely styled homes in her book.

"It would seem that my new book Undecorate has generated some buzz and controversy.  I wrote the book in response to a sweeping trend I see.... The openness of the Internet and social media, the landslide of information, the advent of the style blog by professional and non-professionals alike  - all resulting in people designing for themselves the rise of great personal style.  Design has stopped being a start and finish process – we are looking at each other and learning and tweaking our spaces, our wardrobes our personal style all the time...hence Undecorate. I love a good debate."  -- Christiane Lemieux

I did try to pick up a copy yesterday at my local Barnes & Nobel, however it was out of stock &and needed to be ordered. For that, I'm ordering on Amazon today. I'm actually looking forward to getting the book - I thought it had a unique approach to the thought process of merging how we live today and design with the spaces we live in. Personally, I too have broken out of the "everthing symmetrical - everthing perfectly balanced" shell... and I have been enjoying our home more now experimenting with different colors combos, playing with patterns, mixing metals, and of course displaying pieces I love.

How about you? Are you still hooked on the hotel look? Or have you attempted to unleash your inner display diva from within and show all your collectibles for the world to see? You can join in on the debate to Undecorate during a tweet chat today at 2pm EST. Just use the "#" next to Undecorate (#undecorate) to join in the discussion or read what people are saying.

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  1. I sat down and read this book from cover to cover. I enjoyed this book so much because it told a story about every home featured. And the photographs are lovely. Interior design is just like fashion, it's very subjective and everybody has an opinion. Christiane's book presents beautiful interiors and lets the reader decide what to think. Undecorate is one of my favorite decorating books of all times.


  2. Thank you Lynda! We'll "see" you at the chat!

  3. I like my house to be personable, and to be a reflection of me. If I'm going to sell it then I will make it look more like a hotel, less lived in, less personal touches, but for now I want it to reflect my family and I.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the houses in Undecorate. Each person in the book has their own style and the homes don't look as if it's been cut out of the same designer cloth. As with the "styled" houses, there are pieces that we can use in our own homes.

    Christianne, thanks for writing this book. It was time for someone to write a book about decorating that was not so formulaic!


  5. Fun design chat yesterday!
    Thanks for stopping by! xo

    :D Lynda



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