It wasn't a mirage - It was MADGE. Once again, as Madonna's been doing for decades, Madonna rocked a house, touched hearts, and inspired her critics to speak out. Say what you want, but could YOU pull off a well thought out production, execute choreographed routines and wardrobe changes - not only in a stadium in a matter of minutes, but playing in millions of Americans homes across the nation?? Yeah - I didn't think so. Haters gonna hate - But that ain't me. I appreciate her attention to detail, her style, her sound, her lyrics, and her artistry. I have been, for decades - since dancing to "Everybody" in jr. high, trying to mimic her MTV video "Lucky Star", adding peroxide + mouse + black bows to my hair, to feeling sexy during her "Immaculate Collection", saddened during "Bedtime Stories", touched by "Ray of Light" and Frozen"... to finally getting to see her in concert back in November 2009 for her Sticky & Sweet Tour... I've watched her evolve, transform and blossom into a women I wish I could be half as talented as....

"What are YOU looking at?"

Why such the strong connection? I don't know - but possibly it's because we're BOTH Leo, born 10 years and 10 days apart. I hope when I'm 53, I can at least be as fit as she is and demonstrated at the Super Bowl Halftime show yesterday!! Stairs, stilettos, and cartwheels in Givenchey... Which seems to be her go to designer for much of her stage attire the past three years....

Above - Givenchy sketches for Sticky & Sweet...
Bellow - Givenchy sketches for the 2012 Super Bowl Half Time Show

 Nina Garcia shared and tweeted yesterday just after the half-time show: "Here, Givenchy's sketches for Madonna's trio of haute-couture looks for her #SuperBowl halftime performance ..."

Congrats Madonna on once again still giving the public something to talk about - love, hate, admire & inspire. What I adore about her the most is : her strength + courage + creativity she expresses in the midst of adversity :) Happy to have Pinterest now as a place to catalog my fave clippings & images of Madonna plus share them here on the blog with you... For more Madonna images I've saved, visit my board MAGNIFICENT M at Pinterest...

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  1. She was amazing as always, thanks for sharing the pictures and sketches. That woman only gets better with age.

  2. She was amazing. It was a nice change of pace from the boring halftime shows since the year when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Hi! Totally agree, and I have such high praise for Madonna, for her courage and breaking down the doors for so many women artists - not only in music, but in all areas of art and expression. Good for her!

  4. It was an incredible performance, and what a production! I still can't get over the fabulous set, the choreography, costumes, and...that body!!! Thanks for sharing the sketches & photos Lynda. So lucky you got to see her in concert ~



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