WOW! What a crazy week! From writing a guest blog post about using Olioboard for Layla Grayce (to be featured later this September in a Guest Blog Series) to online board designs & webinars, the Dorm Decor OlioHop Monday, organizing a Big 3 Before The Tree collaboration for next week, pinning & thrifting for projects, doctor & other appointments plus planning out events for the upcoming cooler months ahead (YAY!) - this week has just FLOWN by (and so has this month!) Speaking of flown, I hope for this long weekend you're able to fly away somewhere, or even enjoy a local weekend get-a-way.

My fingers, arm, head and eyeballs need a BREAK from the computer!! Since it is starting to cool off - seriously, just a TAD - from temps of 122 to 104 - I'd like to try to get back living life OUTSIDE. I miss the fresh air - especially if it's filled with SPRAY PAINT!! I haven't been outside much since my mini-heat stroke I had while out biking back in June. Jeff has gotten back into golf, and since he's off this weekend, I actually might go try it out :)

 Check out these 30's Golf Girls!
I do LOVE stripes! But polka dots are so on trend now too!

Enjoy these last days of Summer!
Fall is just around the corner!


  1. Vintage photos... have a happy weekend you too! (just came back from holidays so i'm catching up!)

  2. The week has flown, my youngest son turned 17 on the 30th, so 17 years have passed in a blink of the eye.
    Discovered focal points awhile back and spent hours reading about them and looking up photos.

  3. You rock Lynda, love your posts! The Olio Dorm Hop was excellent. I am gearing up for my first Olio Hop in October, so excited. Jane G. xo



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