Aaaahhh.... a new year means a new look. So what better store to go to than one's own garage? Back in November, I had cleaned out the house to collect items for a garage sale. After the sale, I donated the leftovers to SA... but some I held onto... I took it as "a sign" I should keep because it didn't sell. One item in particular was a pair of Surf colored linen panels (pair was only $7 at Target.com). Those became the inspiration to restyle our FL great room.

Trends have changed... playing it SAFE with a clean 'hotel look' is great for staging, but maybe not to 'LIVE' in...  With more cocooning happening, (which is probably why the mixing of our "collections over time" is becoming increasing popular), why have all these goodies kept in the garage or closet? Pull them out! Play with them to create a new look... so I guess you could say, some of the 2010 DESIGN RESOLUTIONS I wrote up at Kristin's Discover Interior Design blog, have been applied to our home: (RE) vamp and (RE)lamp.  (Speaking of VAMP, here's Valorie's 2010 DESIGN RESOLUTIONS)

B&W Art Collection: Youth, Wisdom, and us...

Space BEFORE: on left Autumn Remixed of 2009 
on right: space when purchased in October 2006

Found "Cat Nap" illustration (5/25 series) by a 'Linda' too

(RE) vamp of accessories came from collecting unused items from the garage, and repositioning some pieces from other rooms. Two new items complimenting existing pieces are two THRIFT STORE finds: Cat Nip illustration (only $3)The table (only $10) and a print I found last weekend I negotiated down to $10. The glass was loose, but when I when I removed it's corners, I discovered the frame had cracked. fear not! I happened to have a silver frame that actually worked better.

(RE) lamp came from not only repositioning lamps in the house, but found FABULOUS new shades (too sweet to pass up) at Marshalls Home goods. The B&W graphic pattern relates to the rug and photography. It's pattern also relates to the fret-like grid panels, I brought back downstairs (previously located up in the bedroom).

Originally had set this wall with only a collection of mirrors at Holiday...
Now the wall has impact, height and drama with the addition of B&W framed photos. Still to 'tweak' on the wall, is the framing of the DRIFTED Photos from Friday... which I'd like to keep some in COLOR to play SURF color into wall...

Thrift table was actually too small to stand alone as coffee table for the size of sofa and space. Adding two storage ottomans helped to anchor, give storage, surface, and a renewed focal point in the space. Small chest here functions as the keeper of the remotes... while a smaller chest on the right side table holds all the cats toys...

Sephora likes the restyled diggs... :D

Daylight, crisp and bright...

Evening glow by candlelight...

The color pallet is just light enough to welcome Spring...
the darker tones will allow for a deeper turq, teal...
or maybe ORANGE to amp it up for Summer...

Working on Dining Room (RE) vamp...
and putting together a "How To" for some of the vignettes...


  1. OMG..........looks fabulous. I am always in awe that you change out your spaces so much........and that it always looks super great!

    Love the new coffee table, looks great there.

  2. THANX JILL!! Thanx for stopping by to check from yesterday's "Sneak Peak".

    :D Lynda

  3. Thanks for the shout out!
    I love everything, and I love the storage ottomans used with the coffee table. This is very clever.
    xo xo

  4. wow wow, it looks wonderful! i can't believe how lovely just a few changes can make!

  5. Great styling and that cat is darling!!!!

  6. You're MORE than welcome Val!! THANK YOU for your support, great posts and style!

    Thanx Beth, Linz and Southern Cali!!
    Gald you enJOYed the post.
    Thanks for stopping by the FP!
    :D Lynda

  7. This room is absolutely gorgeous! I am drawn to black and white and so I really like your lamps and the cushions on the sofa!
    Love from Canada!

  8. Thanks Canada!!
    Glad you were inspired!!

    :D Lynda



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