Popped into the local SA last Saturday and got sticker shock. They get this stuff for FREE... people DONATE this stuff, and SA is suppose to HELP people... so I thought. So then WHY was there a FAKE Barcelona chair there priced at $2099.99? I say fake because although the tag said KNOOL (and YES: THEY spelled it that way) meaning KNOLL, it should have been stamped to show its authenticity.

The storage baskets stacked
in the back ground were tagged at 199.99.

And here's some other pieces
I felt they were over charging for...

Unique retro end table $69

Lane Bar for $299

beautiful bookmark veneer

retro sideboard with hutch for $399

great lines on this table, but $49

I'll probably regret NOT getting these adorable dessert dishes,
but I don't own a store, so I need to be practical. I think these were $24 for all. Probably a good deal for their uniqueness, print, and COLOR.
No stamp or brand manufacturer on bottom...

The BEST 'FIND' (for me) by far was this print.

Not vintage by any means, but that was OK.
It had all the colors I was using to restyle our
living room, plus the punch
I was looking for to hang over the sofa.

It appeared to be relatively new, since it still had its' corners from packing on it. It was tagged at 19.99. The tag was on top of a Homegoods tag: original retail $140 / HG price $69, plus their RED clearance tag... but that was rubbed off. So I guessed clearance at $30, so why would this be $20? The glass was loose from the frame, so I bartered for a discount, and got it for $10.

Unfortunately, when I removed the corners to reset the glass, I chunk of the corner fell out. I had a silver frame in the garage, so rather than spend time (now) repairing the frame, I opted to just re-frame the print... and I think it worked better in the space.

A good deal I did find, but at a Goodwill, was this adorable illustration called "Cat Nap". It's number 5 of a series of 25. It was yellowing, so I almost put it back... but I saw the price (only $3) and thought again...

We have a cat (Sephora), and the artist name was 'Linda' (can't tell the last name), and it's B&W. BAM! Totally justified! And now it's been added to the collection on our wall unit...


  1. Holy Moly! They must have been smoking crack for some of those prices.

  2. Say whu?? O_O Baskets for $199?? What in the WORLD were they thinking? Did they misplace the decimal??? By the way, AWESOME find for you. It looks gorgeous in your living room!

  3. rrright? sometimes they just don't get it... I think someone got greedy.

    thx Linz!! I gasped when I saw it! Love the colors... very versitile.

    :D Lynda

  4. OMGosh, I have a set of those exact little plates. I don't have the cups though, but I just packed up all of my aqua dishes and gave them to my sister.After collecting them for years. I had cups like those, but they had a different flower in them. I just posted a pic of a china cabinet and 3 of those plates are in it. And I have to tell you, there's a sideboard and hutch a lot like the one in your pic at our thirft store. I think it's about $120.00. I've been eyeing it for about a month now. It's still there. The picture looks awsome in your living room.

  5. I think its ridiculous the amount of money they charge for certain items. Sometimes they have the nerve to attach an ebay spec sheet as if their pricing is justified. Most time these items just sit in the store. Well around here they do.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting



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