Eclectic cities like New York and Chicago are known for their diversified and sometimes controversial museum exhibits. Although Florida may be known for its' diversity through its' mix of people, displaying this culture or indulging in history is not one of its' strong suits... which is why this particular exhibit will be a delight! This weeks "Photos For Friday" is a tribute to the opening exhibit of Edward Steichen, today at the Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale (MoFL)

This acclaimed exhibition Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, the Condé Nast Years, 1923-1937 is to make its' Florida debut at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale today. The exhibit will be on display today, February 26 through Sunday, April 11, 2010.  

From the press Release, "Steichen, who served as chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair during the 1920s and ‘30s, is said to have revolutionized fashion photography with his crisp, detailed, high-key style, and changed public perceptions of the American woman. His influence is felt in the field to this day."

To learn more about Edward Steichen go HERE and HERE. Also available is his book: Edward Steichen: In High Fashion - The Conde Nast Years, 1923-1937, available at HERE.

Although I do believe photography IS an art form (just as architecture is too), Edward has been quoted as saying, "I am no longer concerned with photography as an art form", I agree with his belief that, "it is potentially the best medium for explaining man to himself and his fellow man."

So if your fortunate enough to be in sunny South Florida this weekend, visit the exhibit and afterwards, head down to SoBE for the Wine & Food Festival

If you're snowed in, take some time
to s-t-r-e-t-c-h
your mind and free your soul by tackling a creative project.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend...


  1. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics. They are great.Love the contrast of shadow & the lighting in B & W photos.

  2. Thanks Pam!
    Looking forward to visiting the exhibit by the weekend...

    :D Lynda



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