Kind of a funny thing happened to Jeff and I... LOVE has followed us everywhere! It was on the island where I lived when we dated (Bay Harbor)... we spotted it on out first trip to NYC when we were dating... We came across it again when we were engaged and when we flew back to NYC to make the wedding plans. Then, when we got married (in Central Park), we HAD to go by LOVE again in the City with the photographer (Brooklyn's Roberto Falck)... and last but not least, even our first day of our honeymoon in Italy, we spotted LOVE again (in Venice!)

Polaroid by Picnick

LOVE is the iconic works of Robert Indiana. He first conceived the idea of LOVE during the Vietnam war and his work became a symbol of peace. Indiana made a number of different colour combinations at the time and more have followed later. The first LOVE Sculpture was carved out of a block of solid aluminium, highly unpolished, which had been made for a show in 1966. Since then LOVE has become a cultural icon and been used extensively throughout the Art World and media.

So, in honor of Valentine's Sunday,
here is some of our LOVE for you for

Best place to be IN love is in NYC!

We wish you a
Happy Valentine's Day...
to all you LOVE
(and what matters to you most) ...
whether it be shoes,
friends, pets, blogs, coffee, or your spouse!

Have a GREAT holiday and spread a little
LOVE this frozen weekend!!


  1. Happy Valentine's to you and your DH.........great pics!!

  2. Thanks Jill!!
    Happy Valentines to you and yours too!

    :D Lynda

  3. Love your LOVE post :-) The photos are great, and totally full of love :-)

    I just read your comment about my home office on RMS -- thanks!! To answer your questions, I created the mural in Adobe Illustrator. I think the font is Myriad (it was a while ago, can't remember for sure). The image was enlarged to the correct size we used a projector to project the AI image onto the walls. A local printer printed the words for me. I told him what size, font, and colour I wanted and he did the rest.

    If you're still interested in featuring my office on your blog, let me know :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. I LOVE your love post!! Wishing you and your husband a very Happy Valentine's Day! I started my own blog! Right now I am writing a journal of our trip to print in a book for our daughter then moving onto the fun stuff. Stop by if you can!

  5. Really like your post Lynda!!~ I dedicated mine to me and my hubby as well!~ Saw your comment on Transforming Homes about RMS!!~ I took off all my spaces...too much drama for me!!~ Blogging is much more rewarding. ALthough, I made many friends on RMS, which are now on FB and my blog, I learned a lot in the process. You are great decorator and I always enjoy everything you do. Keep on keeping!!~ Hope you find a job soon.....

  6. WOW Ladies!! Thanx for all the L*O*V*E!!
    Hope you're enjoying your morning, afternoon, and evening today... <3

    Yes... RMS has gotten to be a Drama Trap... so much negativety, and coming from people with with no courage to put themselves 'out there'. I'm happy for the time I had on there too... Ditto on meeting a GOOD group of people who have evolved into 'eloquent bloggers'... =)

    Debbie... I hope I do too... there's only so much 'change' I can do around here, and that my DEAR husband (and the poor cat!)
    can take... lol

    Thanks for likin'the blog. Just kinda learin' as I go... but from a GREAT batch of teachers out there!!

    :D Lynda

  7. What a beautiful post - love it!
    Thank you so much for the encouraging comment and for visiting my blog. You have helped me to look at the whole RMS thing from a different angle - using it to gain traffic - and you're right! Maybe once I get more thick-skinned I will post more rooms and ignore all those mean comments. Blogland is so much friendlier...

    I hope you are able to link up to my house tour party on Tuesday evening - I am leaving it open all week. You have incredible style and I would love to see your space.

    Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!




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