Martha Stewart will push Ralph Lauren off the paint shelves of The Home Depot in 2010, according to a joint announcement. It's already happening. I went to my local Home Depot (HD) this weekend, PURPOSELY to purchase a new color for our home from Ralph Lauren paint (Vintage Masters EMPEROR, a jaded turquoise hue) I also got a surprise conversation with their paint specialist. Apparently, Home Depot is getting a new paint line from Martha Stewart.

"The strategy is a direct swipe at rival Lowe’s,
which for years has coveted the female shopper
with cleaner store displays and a FOCUS
on small appliances and organizational gear."

I gave the specialist my RL sample and asked for one gallon of eggshell. As he logged in the info to the computer, he told me he might not have it in stock. I smiled and asked, "Why? Have your blues suddenly become high sellers and you don't have enough stock on hand to cover the demand?" Looking at me perplexed, (probably b/c I was trying to be smart and funny but I came across as a wise-ass). he politely said, "No because we're dropping his line." Then he mentioned , "actually GLIDDEN dropped HIM from their line."
(send me an email if this info needs to be corrected)

I understand this is 'business'... it's not personal. But I have admired and been inspired by Ralph Lauren for HOME and FASHION life-styling for the past 16 years. I knew I had a source to count on to get the look I wanted to achieve. Now I'm NOT against Martha (BY ANY MEANS, she is a LEO after all). I admire her too. I think of her for
crafts, weddings, recipes, gardening and organizing.
It's a 'different' type of 'LIFE-STYLING'.

Ralph Lauren EMPORER Vintage Masters VM126

Not just a design Emperor, but a LIFESTYLE ICON.

As I shooed away the fly's from my open mouth, the specialist went to the shelves looking for the base to make my request. I started to study the paint branding displays and wondering, "What will HD do now they won't have the brand RL in their stores they have become KNOWN for carrying?" Then, sadly, the he returned towards the counter... empty handed.

2009 Ralph Lauren paint ad with HD in House Beautiful

2002 NYTimes Magazine ad 'introducing' RLHome.com
(from personal clippings)

"Oh No!!" I was freaking out. We both walked back over to the shelf, and he showed me what he had left of the RL product... Seeing it on CLEARANCE (half off), along with empty shelves in the RL section was heart-breaking. The only base in stock was flat, satin, and glossy... so since I'm doing only an accent wall as a RE-freshed FOCAL POINT, I went with the satin.

RL's Vintage Masters Collection works great
with his Urban Loft collection,
which is the foundation color pallet of our home. I guess it's a true testament to mixing new and old, modern and traditional...

As he prepped the paint to mix, we talked a bit more... He mentioned it's actually NOT the best paint: Behr's is. Although that may be survey based information: Behr's has better 'coverage', when it comes to COLOR: Ralph's got THAT beat hands down (even in comparison to Glidden's pallet).

Just last year, I encounter my own personal experience with Glidden and Behr's VS. Ralph Lauren paints. I was on a BLUE kick (probably b/c of Carrie's apartment), and wanted to repaint our bedroom with a certain shade of blue (inspired from one of my husbands MANY blue dress shirts). Walking into Home Depot with the dress shirt on a hanger, wanting to save a little money, and having heard Behr's was best, I tried it.

Glidden's Blues: Blue Waltz too dark for space
& Twin Falls too pale for space.

Behr's Sample: Magic Spell

Ralph Lauren's Calypso

I got one wall done, called my husband while he was fishing, and asked him to please pick up a gallon of RL Calypso (eggshell) to erase the horror of Behr's Magic Spell
(it wasn't magical: it was what my husband called
Ralph Lauren Calypso on LEFT
Behr's Magic Spell blur-purple on the RIGHT

RL Calypso

Above photos are of our bedroom makeover I did last March.
More can be seen plus read comments

I can't afford RL home furnishings (except maybesome linens from Marshalls). They are lovely to look at (on his website), but inspire me to try to recreate a look for less: with his feel and my styling personalized for us. Ralph Lauren paint was an affordable means of having RL in our (or any one's) home.

July 2008 RL at Home Depot paint brochure page

 I stepped away to collect what paint brochures still on display...
as if they would become collectors items someday...

I don't get it. His ad for paint AT the HD was JUST featured in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL in November... it was the FIRST AD when the magazine opened...

That was Saturday... Sunday, I started to do a little research to find articles, news, or a press release I apparently missed. I found one at Home Depot about Martha Stewart coming to HD in January (READ MORE HERE). I found another article at PAINTSQUARE (a paint industry site) (read more HERE)... but I can't seem to find WHO will be manufacturing his paints now. Benjamin More? Sherman Williams? Can't be them... they already have contracts with other specialty stores... Maybe the line will convert or branch into American Living and sell in JCPenney? Nnnaaaa..... that's NOT JCPenney's customer (meaning paint)

Ralph Lauren's line for JCPenney launched
in select stores February 2008

Pratt & Lambert "No Compromises"

The search continues...

July 2008 Bright Canvas from RL's Faux Techniques

I did come across a company who is the actual manufacturer, not only of Ralph Lauren paint, but of Glidden as well: (ICI PAINTS North America). Interestingly enough, when I searched through the RL Home site under paint store locations, along with still showing HD as a paint store carrier of RL paints, it listed BURDINES... which converted to MACY's down here in Florida, back in 2005. (Maybe someone at RL needs to update their web page?)

Someone who IS updating their website... or it's actually going through maintenance (coincidentally) is LOWE's... things that make ya go hmmmm? This could turn into a HOT MESS!

So no warnings and heard no rumours. Maybe this is actually coming from RL himself... fulfilling the need these days to REINVENT marketing, business plans, and establishments. I just hope mainstream people will still have access to his "world of color"...

Maybe 'it's a good thing', but I'm still stunned.


  1. I had heard this already. So sad. You have the urban loft color mercer in your master bedroom correct? Hope you have enough for touch ups! Also whatcha gonna paint Emporor? I assume you got a gallon in satin.................hmmm?

  2. This is tragic! My whole house is painted in RL's Urban Loft "Neutral Brown", "Cobblestone" & "Black Marble".
    I have an accent wall in the dining room painted in the Regent Metallics "Silver Plated", that I was going to repaint in a RL green, just haven't had the chance to pick it out yet.
    I sure hope it can be color matched from the paint chips in another brand.

  3. Thanks for the info I have used RL Davenshire in my bedroom in two different apartments. There is a small treadmill in my bedroom (Which I know is a design don't ) and last week while trying to walk and open the window at the same time I fell off it and made a hole in the wall. I better go make sure I have enough paint to fix this or Ill be repainting the whole room. BTW it is not the norm for me to make a hole in the wall lol. I'm a gentle person. Anyway I love the RL colors you used in your home and was thinking of trying the Mercer at some point. Hopefully we will still be able to find this paint at a different store. I have been enjoying your blog Your friday photos are amazing!

  4. Yes. It is tragic. For over 16 years we've grown to depend on RL colors being accessible locally. NO ONE would do a 'color match' whenever they'd see it was an RL color (as if there was a secret ingridient).
    I'm now concerned with "LIFETIME Warranty". Are we suppose to get paint by mail?

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.
    I'm going to try to find out more info... like write to the company.

    :D Lynda

  5. Hi Lynda, your neighbor here in SilverLakes ;0) Was heart broken to hear this, so called the company. They WILL be selling the paint and have no plans to discontinue it! They are selling it now to local hardware stores, that before wouldn't carry it because they didn't/ couldn't compete with Home Depot. I called RL paint info line 1(800)379-POLO and found a place nearby. Ft. Lauderdale's Harbor Hard Goods 954 651-6411 and another in Miami. The rep said that they will most likely be in more smaller hardware stores in the near future. Any one interested, call the RL help line and inquire.

    Good luck....happy painting!

  6. Ralph Lauren paints are still available from independent paint stores, like The Color Store, in Seattle -- just go to http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/products/paint/ and select "stores" and chose one that's not a Home Depot :)

  7. Both RL Paint and Martha Stewart paint are manufactured by the same company: AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel purchased ICI Paints a few years ago. This switch is more about marketing then it is about paint technology or color match.

  8. Hi folks,
    I just came across this blog. I'm glad to see that you all love the Ralph color palate as much as we do here at Harbor Hardgoods! Like Brenda mentioned we do (and will continue to) sell Ralph paint here on site anc can also accomodate shipping requests. Customer's all over the US and Canada have sent us requests for paint as well as the great faux-finishes. Please feel free to be in touch with us in you have any paint requests or questions, no matter where you live!
    Our website is under construction and will be up and running shortly so that you are able to order your Ralph paints from home! Please let your friends, family, and fellow Ralph fans know that we'll take good care of them here at Ace Hardware/Harbor Hardgoods.

  9. Hi there,
    Just made a purchase at one of Ralph Lauren authorized dealer. By the name of Rainbow Paint and Supply Located at 12554 Sw 88 st.
    (305)873-6450 in Miami, Fl and wow I had an awsome Experience my rating for the dealer is a 5 star the attention given to the customer no complaints , prices couldnt be better and a friendly Enviroment.
    I hope this help in any way !

  10. Thank you Anon, Ace, Brenda and Jeffrey for your feedback and communicating your findings on RL Paints!! I'm posting an update in the sidebar on the blog...

    Yes Brenda - Happy (RL) Painting!!
    :D Lynda


    Thanks to some savvy FP followers feedback - two Florida locations for RL Paints have been identified: A MIAMI-DADE COUNTY location is at RAINBOW PAINT & SUPPLY - 305-873-6450 and in BROWARD COUNTY at HARBOR HARDGOODS (Ace) - 954-651-6411. People have also found RL PAINT in their local area by calling 1-800-379-POLO.

    THANKS for the feedback!!
    :D Lynda

  12. A Designer trick to create light, space and sharpness is to use a pale fresh colour on the walls and a dark tone on woodwork (such as Francesca by Martha Stewart Paint, a bold and striking soft black). This gives a space a more 'Designer' feel. The use of a dark colour on skirting boards not only makes the walls appear lighter in contrast, it gives a space a more 'designer' feel while also creating a strong contemporary look making everything above it feel lighter by contrast. Speaking of trim, try using Benjamin Moore's Oxford White to give a sharp, fresh and tailored look to your home.
    ralph lauren paint

  13. It's been three years since you posted this, and you still have folks (like me!) who are grateful for this blog post and the thread that follows it!

    We just decided to paint the doors in a hallway, and wanted them to match the RL Sailor's Knot baseboards... only to discover that we cannot find the paint. Good to know we can check the RL website and find it in our local hardware stores instead of a big box store. Thanks.

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