Editing the details of a home for looks, moods, or seasons, requires storage space behind the scenes. Working in visual merchandising taught me the importance of space utilization and organization. We all have space, even when we think we don't have anymore. It's just all in the way we use it.

Stack 'em high & watch 'em fly!

color blocking clarity & impact

Keeping like items together, (all glass, all silver, all textiles, all pillows, all accessories, all tools, all paint) makes for quick and easy transitions over a weekend. Featured here is our one car garage at our 1625 sq. ft. Florida town-home...

(can't see) keep a towel or unused area rug under wall art
to keep off concrete floor and avoid scratches

tote without tops acts as drawers on outdoor wire shelves

hang beaded window panels no longer in use, to avoid getting tangled

keep seasonal greens, branches, & flowers wrapped to protect from dust

major seasonal decor (like Christmas) is kept up in the attic,
but brought down Easter when Christmas went up

not picture perfect like Martha... but it works!

reused old cookie sheets as paint trays.
Makes life easier when needing to move around to paint,
and keeps mess contained.

(guess what is my fave paint?)

'thee' workbench...  :D

small drawers work great for sorting nails,
screws and chalk (great to use to mark on DARK walls)

Inside is for textiles

table linens stored in drawers of buffet, by color

and glass containers, all kept in dining room buffet

Candles are kept clear totes by color in the Kitchen

colorized candles

Easy to carry around to change out tealights & light

a decorative trunk (have had for over 15yrs) adjacent to the kitchen,
works to hold chargers & oversized decorative bowls

living room ottoman top holds another decorative chest,
concealing all the remote controls

cat toy storage in decorative chest on side table

Sephora gets to pick what SHE wants...

And can't forget OTTOMANS...
in the Living Room, home office, and spare bedroom,
they are GREAT for holding extra throws and blankets!

photo album storage ottomans 

ottomans grouped together under window give extra seating in office

I do have 'some' label-crazed storage...
like what's visible on book shelves in the office

or on totes in office closet

Office closet holds husbands suits
(doesn't wear everyday)
and seasonal coats & jackets.
Space bellow works great for
tote storage for 911 memorabilia,
scrap-booking (ha! haven't attempted THAT yet),
gift bags with ribbons,
and misc. electrical gadget wires...

But the BIG question may people have is
where do all the pillows and window panels go to?

Spare bedroom closet storage

stored in inexpensive office depot file boxes, by color

window panels and pillow covers

 some packaging gets reused to help
keep folded & sorted

and sometimes hanging panels to start to air out before putting up,
or hang quick before folding to put back into box when done

mementos we don't need to get to as often are tucked into corner

Pillows not in use are stacked across top shelf,
in alternating stacks to avoid them falling,
but to also see what's on hand...

I guess working in retail overall
taught me something else... how to SHOP!!

Clothing, shoes, accessories, dishes, stemware...
that's another day....


  1. I use the totes in the kitchen pantry for candles, as well. I also use them for party napkins, plastic utensils, etc. Because my laundry room doesn't have much storage the totes in a cabinet in the garage hold batteries, extension cords, vacuum bags and parts, light bulbs... all in their own separate totes.
    When I was an assistant designer for a junior clothing manufacturer many years ago, I organized & cataloged a whole wall (about as large as your second photo) of buttons that were in divided plastic containers. Many buttons were in 15 different containers & I sorted them all. That was was year I learned that other people didn't have the gift of organization, but I did!
    Thanks for a great post.

  2. Thanks for the smile Pam... and you are SO right: not everyone is organized. And it doesn't happen overnite. it takes time, trial, and a wee bit of error.

    Buttons... Coraline would LOVE you! =)

    ThX for stopping by the FP!
    :D Lynda

  3. Wow, this is impressive! You are such a great organizer! Very inspiring :)

  4. what great ideas!!! i especially love the panels int boxes!


  5. WOW you are organized...I do have things per season in clear totes...but I am thinking not as neatly placed as yours!!~ Your good Lynda!!~

  6. Thanks ladies!! Glad the tips can help!
    Thanks for stopping by the FP blog!!

    :D Lynda

  7. Wait! Is this organization haven in your home?

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. Yyyyyup. It sure is. Having worked in retail for over 25 yrs, along with this being our first home, I acquired a bit of an inventory...

    :D Lynda

  9. Wow - thankfully I found your site! Great organizing ideas! I am a home stager and designer - so I carry a lot of extra stuff (several households) - so I need to be more organized. I am going to try out your tips. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Linda Leyble


  10. So glad found your blog...I really like the idea of how you have color coordinated the panels and pillows.
    Great blog.



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