Although we may use faux flowers for a quick fix in Spring decor, there isn't anything like fresh cut white roses to fill your winter days with JOY! Fresh flowers can perk up a corner with a splash of life, or if dramatic and large enough, your arrangement can become the focal point in a room. Start by selecting a style of container for the look of your arrangement. Height and location should be taken into consideration (a small nosegay in a globe for the office? or statuesque statement arrangement in the living room?)

To clean your desired container simple soap and warm water can work on a ceramic piece like this thrift store found coffee pot ($5). If you're going for a more classic look of silver, bring back its shine with toothpaste (paste, not gel). Rub on with a damp towel, afterwards, run under warm water and towel dry.

Add water with packet of nutrients (usually comes with your arrangement), if not, you can use an aspirin, a splash of ginger ale, or a splash of bleach (helps hold back nasty water). Lay out your bunch on your workspace (kitchen counter works great), remove guard petals (first 2 or 3 pedals outside bloom), trim back stem for fresh cut (at an angle), and remove leaves closest to the end (to avoid algae in the water).

You could use an oasis block or a clear hair tie to keep your arrangements' shape, but weaving the stems into the leaves themselves holds them in place naturally. When cutting the stem, hold stem up to the container to visualize your desired height, cut and place in vessel.

Va Va Bloom!

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  1. Beautimus!! I can't wait for the lilacs to bloom.............long time in WI for that though!!

  2. ooooooooh i so needed this instructional! thank you! toothpaste - who knew! well, you did, but ya know... :-/

  3. ThX Jill & Linz!! yeah... the TP worked a miricle on this PB silver vase... I don't think I've used in about 5 years! I had tried a few other items, but this did the trick...

    Thx for visiting!
    :D Lynda

  4. So beautiful! I always seem to forget about roses, but they are gorgeous...


  5. Great. I love the toothpaste tip. gonna try that one because I really hate the smell of tarn x. thanks so much.



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