With all the talk this year being so focused on the trend color TURQUOISE... it's nice to see some other colors being HIGHLIGHTED - especially for summer - like the color YELLOW. Even Dr. Oz is in favor of YELLOW. On yesterday's program, he mentioned "LEMONS can help fight fatigue" (Learn more about lemons and your health here)

Just what the Dr. ordered!

House Beautiful - June

A beautiful shade was featured in the color feature yellow segment in the June issue of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL - One of the shade featured was from Benjamine Moore called St. Elmo's Fire (wow - how's that for a through-back into the 80's?) Designer Carl D'Aquino says "You can't be depressed in this room. The yellow wouldn't let you."

House Beautiful - June issue
(although the article I read is not posted online, you can read more

More commonly known as the "happiest" of all colors... yellow too has a negative side & psychological effect, representing egocentric, cowardice, disease and jaundice... I have even read children cry more in yellow rooms. It does however radiate warmth, cheerfulness, INSPIRATION and it is the best color to use to draw attention...

Sarah Richardson

Sometimes yellow can just be used as an accent...
and while it doesn't always need to pack a punch
and it will bring a smile to your face...

Key West - NYCLQ

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

As HOUSE BEAUTIFUL states, Yellow is "bright cheerful and tricky. It may be the hardest color to get right." When yellow is paired with white, it's fresh and crisp. When yellow is paired with black, it is more grounded in its appeal, like Kelly Hoppen showed in the last issue of Metropolitan Home (God I miss that magazine!)

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

I was on a yellow kick once before (in 2008)... I was inspired from a photo of taxis my husband had captured when we were in New York... Earlier this year, I re-purposed these accessories to renew our bedroom for Spring...

'08 Living space by Lynda Quintero-Davids

2010 Recessionista by Lynda Quintero-Davids

So do what the designer and doctor ordered: give yourself a Lemon Lift! Either add a punch of color in your home, as easy as replacing a bouquet of fresh flowers with a bowl of fresh lemons, sip on some fresh squeezed lemon aide for summertime ... or when all else fails, just pick up this new flavor of Häagen-Dazs I saw advertised in the June issue of REAL SIMPLE.


And for you mommy bloggers... have you heard of

Author Carrie is "Mama Lemonade" and she is
"Looking for the humor in life, organizing her family 
to keep the ship running smoothly, and attempting
 to live a lovely life while sticking to a budget"
This is her version of making lemonade!

Have yourself a Mellow Yellow day!

And BTW: When I was putting together this post, the mail came.
In it was a postcard for Bath & Body Works...
who ironically - starting June 11 - is
having a Hello Yellow SALE!
A sale is always something to be happy about...


  1. Never used to be a fan of yellow.........I like a bold yellow, not a pastel one though. I loved your "cash cab" living room and love the yellow in your MBR now.....of course I started as a stalker of your's on RMS with Sweet Retreat! I also fell in love with the yellow and gray with this bedroom:

  2. I absolutely love the living room space with the white sofa and the darker yellow walls...soothing!!

    Lynda, did you post your 2008 rooms on RMS because they look so familiar and I loved them??

  3. That space is BEAUTIFUL Jill... thx for sharing. I saved it into the clippings & style files...

    Yes Vickie - That was my post on HGTV's RMS... and it also was selected as one of three inspirational spaces for a room-restyle on the TV show with Angelo Surmelis.... ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!
    :D Lynda

  4. I missed it...oh no!!! Darn, I miss that show!!



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