More commonly known as window shopping, or just shopping in general... a tour of stores is a technique retailers use to keep themselves current. To them, it's also known as competitive shopping. This technique is also a means of inspiration for designers - whether it be for tablescapes, color combinations, textures and finishes, space planning or to be inspired by a theme, furnishings or fixtures - a tour of stores can be a three dimensional source for creativity...

Modern Home Furnishings
Dadeland Mall

Macy's Home Store
West End - Dadeland Mall

Even apparel stores can be a source
of inspiration for interiors...

clean lines and order

Michael Kors
Dadeland Mall

Miami doesn't have the best designed city plan (like the grid in NYC). Although it does have some neighborhoods conducive to urbanism, in most cases, a drive is necessary - and most shopping is done in malls (which is actually a blessing, considering Miami's HEAT). It's nice to go into some that have been updated to Miami's modern style of architecture...

Deconstructivist architecture was applied
when they built the addition of the Limited stores and their courtyard
in South Miami's Dadeland Mall...

The gray grid pattern in the floor, relates back to the grid pattern in the ceiling, while the black grid leads customers into the stores - which may seem to be low and constrained from outside...

But totally opens to volume in the space...


  1. I do this constantly, and always have....I really enjoy seeing how all stores are set up, merchandised and watch as trends come and go...always a feast for the eyes and totally free!

  2. Yes Ruby - Tempting though... but yes - FREE!
    Thanks for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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