David Bromstad, first time winner of HGTV's competitive design show Design Star has come a long way. Last night, he was featured in spots leading up to not only this seasons premiere of Design Star (located in NYC this season!!) but also his successful show COLOR SPLASH: MIAMI - now shot on location in MIAMI.

"San Francisco is a beautiful city but it wasn't a design city. I was looking for a place that has a certain energy, that felt fresh and new.'' - David Bromstad
David sketching in his new studio.

Formally shot and headquartered in San Fransisco, David has "never stopped wanting to come back to Miami", according to yesterday's featured Home & Design article in the Miami Herald. (read more of Miami Herald article). Since shooting in Miami, some of Davids inspirations will be coming from historic places like The Villa by Barton G (formally home to Fashion Design icon Gianni Versace), The Biltmore in Coral Gables (frequented by AL Capone), and Miami's Spanish Monastery.

He'll also be visiting some of Miami's Modern locations like the glamorous hotels of The Tides, Setia, and the Delano in South Beach, the W in Ft. Lauderdale as well as the hotel lobby & condo residences like found at The Epic in Miami...

EPIC Hotel - Designed by
 California designer - Cheryl Rowely

Downtown Miami
photo by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Downtown Miami History: FREEDOM TOWER
photo by Lynda Quintero-Davids

``David's exuberant attitude and passion for design come to life in Color Splash: Miami,'' said Freddy James, HGTV's senior vice president of program development and production. ``He encourages homeowners to be more daring with their color choices and shows them how to successfully select and balance bold colors in their homes.'' - The Miami Herald

A part of a new feature on COLOR SPLASH - MIAMI - Street Search.
How's THIS for COLOR inspiration?

His new studio is now located in the historic area of the Wynwood Arts District , home to Miami's Puerto Rican population (part of Miami's diversified culture) and locally known as "Little San Juan". This area is host to not only fabulous art galleries, but also vibrant street art, featured right on the walls.

David's new studio is in a New York / London style loft space - a sophisticated, spirited and urban space - which is an ideal space for artists, writers, and photographers...

It's in this studio where he'll be creating some of his signature paintings for the design for his clients on featured on the show...



For last nights premiere episode, they featured a Miami couple, who was longing for a Master retreat inspired by their favorite Miami landmark: The Villa by Barton G (as mentioned above - formally home of Gianni Versace)

and with the help of David's
new crew of assistants and painters...

tweetpic of David (left) teaching
his new painter (right) how to create a faux finish.

David successfully transformed this space...

BEFORE pic of homeowners master suite
(with a RED tray ceiling - not in this shot)

and inspired by this space...

The Villa by Barton G

into this elegant and well appointed space...

David's mix of old-world elegance
with his modern aesthetic and flare.

Adding to the richness of the space, David shared one of the places where he locally likes to shop (and I'm looking forward to checking out) - a vintage place called M.A.D.E.  He purchased the two indigo-velvet chairs (in the background, under the mirror), along with some authentic Versace scarves, he then had his seamstress transform into euro pillow covers - "to pay homage to the designer and inspiration of Versace".

David painting a Miami Makeover

David & his new carpenter in Miami

So even though the show premiered last night at 11pm, David, his crew and his designs can be seen at its regularly scheduled time at 10pm starting this coming Saturday night...

Photo by C.W. Griffin of Miami Herald Staff

I'm looking forward to see what he shares and how he'll


  1. Oh, I missed the far as I am concerned he's the only Design Star winner who is successful. Love him! Will miss Ian & Danielle though.

  2. I enjoyed the show so much. I grew up in Miami so I recognized everything. Now I live on the Keys in Islamorada, my S'daughter Stacie Krupa ( has a studio/gallery here. She was the featured artist for the 2008 HGTV Dream Home. I hope you'll be able to visit and pick out a painting for your Miami project.

  3. Wow, so many beautiful photos! OF course, I always love the ones you take! I also loved the photo of the Epic Hotel. I am always intrigued by spaces with layered lighting...never got to take the lighting class. Thanks for sharing the info on David Bromstad.

  4. The pictures are AMAZING!!!! I have never been to Miami and that States but this sounds like an invitation to visit the place. The Villa mosaic is astonishing! Can you provide me some further info? I would love to feature it on my blog on mosaic art. Thank you. This post was great, David has a remarkable talent.

  5. I saw his show last night. I've always like David B. because of his love for color and how he applies color. Very creative dude he is. The bedroom turned out great. Especially love that focal wall featuring complementary colors.

  6. Wow! David has come a long way. I have watched his show since the very beginning. He has really grown.



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