I was raised on a stoop. Up north, the front door and entrance to a home had some significance and presence. You don't see that much down here in South Florida, especially in our cookie cutter communities... BUT, since most of the original settlers down south in Key West were from the north, attention has been paid to the front door. So, to close the door on this weeks feature Key West Week and for this weeks Photos For Friday... I present to you...

The Doors of Key West...

Looks like this one
may have forgotten something...

One stoop to nowhere...

Although some were so colorful,
and my fave doors are these blue ones...
My fave house
was in Key Lime green...

And as the ad says
"Come visit Key West
you only have one life to live"...

I hope this series opened the door for you

for a new place to travel too...

Above is a cat named  
Key West Jake
(found on Facebook)
He looks JUST like our cat - Sephora!

For further reading on the history of Key West,
check out this site from Pineapple Press..

and here's the hookup for getting around town
(other than walking)

So come south and go west...
Come to KEY WEST!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

All photos in the Key West Week Blog Series
(unless otherwise noted)
were captured & edited by
Lynda Quintero-Davids


  1. Such cool houses and some of those doors are gorgeous! Happy Friday!!

  2. Hi Lynda! I'm so glad I found your blog -thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Love your door tour..., and Stoneage Antiques, wow! I can only dream of having something like that near me. It's amazing what they have there.

  3. I love the traditional Conch house front doors. One of my favorite things about visiting Key West is admiring the houses and bright door/shutter colors.

  4. Oh....LOVE this post! Wonderful. And oh so key west!

  5. Hi! Thanks for finding me in the blog catalog too - saw your Key West Door post last week - love it!
    Am posting on the Caron's fb page. My goal is to be able to visit Key West sometime either in November or January.... keep your fingers crossed



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