Of all the patriotic holidays we celebrate in the USA, the one that tugs at my heart the most is the 4th of July. Maybe it's the thought of sparklers and pretty BIG sparkling displays- like diamonds in the night sky. But I think it had to do with being raised up north - in one of the original thirteen colonies - New Jersey.

View of the Twins from the Hudson River 1976

Although we'd venture down to the Jersey Shore, the one year that stands out the MOST in my memory was the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. I remember meeting my grandmother (mi abuela) for the first time, along with watching the parade of boats being broadcast from the Hudson River... I can also still remember us having the quintessential barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs, neighborhood kids splashing around in my fathers 'decked' out above ground swimming pool, playing wiffle ball & badminton in the yard, as well as volleyball in the pool, eating at a traditional-styled picnic table, and the day followed by us kids churning ice, milk, vanilla and sugar into ice cream...

One of the other memories that comes to mind is my fathers fascination with fireworks. His favorite thing to do was to light a stringed batch of them (with his cigarette) and throw them into a huge metal milk can we had on the patio (from another one of his curb mining escapades) ...rrrrattttaaa--ttattah--thump thump thump... REALLY loud like guns going off. He also enjoyed shooting off bottle rockets, roman candles, and again - lighting with his cigarette - CHERRY BOMBS - which I believe it was this Bicentennial year - after lighting the cherry bomb, he threw the CIGERETTE and put the LIT CHERRY BOMB back in the bag with the others... AAhhhh... the good ole days...

Martha Stewart's fireworks table display
and easy sand candles are a little safer for today...

Although I don't recall us 'decorating' the house for the 4th of July, I do remember some red, white and blue details out in front of our little yellow house (like flower boxes, shutters and a wagon wheel - again - dad found). I guess maybe that's why I do like to bring in a little red, white and blue inside (and outside) our home for the fourth...

I'm not a 'crafty' person - but I LOVE this wreath!
Simple - Sweet - Impact

I've been hunting around magazines, blogs, stores, the net, and Martha's for inspiration, I'll be sharing with you this week... along with pulling a new look together - inspired by the reds, whites, and blues - and by using mostly things I already have (I've been wanting to dig into the box of blues anyways) enJOY!!

Here's to fond childhood memories,

looking forward to finding more inspiration,

Wildwood - New Jersey - age 4

and having a wonderful week...


  1. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I loved all of the photos both old and new. Especially loved the dressed up bicycle. We used to participate in our neighborhood's 4th of July parade where the kids would decorate all of their bicycles and wagons. They'd ride down the main street and wave to all of the people on the sidewalk. They had a blast!

  2. Thanks Pam!! You just reminded me - I had forgotten about the local parades!! Watching AND marching in (as a girl scout - lol)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    :D Lynda

  3. I vacationed in Wildwood too as a kid! Maybe we were there at the same time!

    Great post! Going to put this on our FB Page!

  4. Gorgeous Photos! They are certainly inspirations and bring back some memories. I really love that wreath.

  5. Kate: THANKS for re-posting this on your facebook page Sensational Color!! I shared it on my page too... Wouldn't that be a hoot if we did meet (way) back then in Wildwood, NJ!!

    THX Anon! Most were sourced on Martha Stewart - the others I sourced through searching the net and my MANT home magazine file clippings!

    Thanks for visiting and Happy July 4th Weekend!!

    :D Lynda



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