The reviews are out... and they aren't all good. I myself contemplated with going to see Sex and The City 2. But since I am another one of the series fans (a cross between Carrie's love of New York City and Miranda's need for things to be black or white), I'm glad I went to see it on the big screen. Although I felt the story-line lagged at times because the pacing was off and some scenes got WAY too serious and too real (Charlotte crying in a pantry and Carrie becoming a nagging wife?) there were a few surprises I didn't read on some spoiler alert (like seeing Ron White as Miranda's boss). It is Sex and the CITY though - with New York City being another one of the main characters - but the City and its WOW factor just seem to be missing (too much FOCUS on the Middle East).

Bright, cheerful and fun interiors and fashions
in the Middle East...

Not quite as vibrant and playful when shot IN THE CITY...
and actually I read the scenes were too racy for the Arab nation
(You can read more at LIFELINELIVE at USA Today)

I guess the expectations were just high because as fans, it's what we've learned to do. Maybe those expectations were because the series and even the first movie happened all at a different time. The series blossomed during a time when stocks and spirits were up. Even the first movie brightened our spirits with Carrie's amazing NEW YORK Electric Blue & white apartment makeover. The movie's fashion trends were so impactful, they are still popular today (like the chunky gladiator strapped shoes and studded belt).

Carrie's 2008 Apartment becomes an escape in SATC2

Read an interview with SATC2

There are several sites and blogs of photos out there from all over ... and we're all featuring the same interiors... Thankfully we're featuring the interiors that actually were IN New York and not so much in Abu Dhabi. This may sound controversial.... but come on. There wasn't ANY OTHER CITY in the world to take this sequel to (like maybe across the pond to London)?? I highly doubt New York City has forgotten what happened to them (I know I haven't). And I think that's where the movie lost its' credibility - it lost its FOCUS.

The Interiors of Sex and The City 2

One movie-goers comment I read said the set felt
"oppressive" while another said it felt "dreary".

New York designer & blogger Heather Clawson had her review
and observation of the interiors (along with a few other photos)

Stylist & blogger Valorie Hart in New Orleans uniquely wrote a letter,

And from the closet, came the fashions...
Still with their each individual style - just more grown up...
(and maybe even a little more void of accessories?)

Charlotte in her mono-chromatic lady-like pink attire with a peplum and matching purse, Carrie in white Halston Heritage dress, Miranda all golden & earthy (what a transformation she's had from when she first started the series!) and sex-kitten Samantha downplayed some of her color intensity wearing black.

Friends then, and soul-mates now...

The bottom line though is this,
"Sex and the City is a celebration of friendship, love and soul mates."
Which is evident throughout the movie. You can read more of this take on the movie at the blog Dallas Moms at the Dallas News
Friendship among the ladies is the saving grace of the movie.

And although their "True Colors" came out
while singing "I am Woman" in the Middle East...

This friendship started IN THE CITY...

and IN THE CITY is where it needs to STAY.

LOVE her glasses!

My fave look overall was this shot of
Samantha in her brightly lit New York City office featuring
Times Square as her background...
I believe this actually captured the essence of

Have you seen the movie?
What did you think?

PS: Thank you for your input on
the questions I asked about the blog on Monday...
I truly value and appreciate your comments.



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