I don't know why, but there is just something refreshing about the look of a white space for the holidays. Maybe it's the thought of transition. Maybe it's a feeling of rebirth. Maybe it's the effort to try to recreate the look of fresh fallen snow. Either way - It's gonna be a white Christmas in South Florida for us this year! I had done my first white Christmas about two years ago, but it was paired a lot with greys and silver (very icy looking). This year, I'm going for all shades of whites and creams paired with gold and silver. Going digging in the closets today to pull together all my whites... (while coloring my hair red lol) In the meantime, here are some inspirational clippings of spaces layered with white....

Our walls are mainly pale grey, with the exception of a few accent walls in charcoal and chocolate... and that blue in the dining room... which I "think" I'm going to repaint in some left over mocha from the bedroom. Rather than run out and buy new rugs, I think I'm also going to try just bare floors since out tile is greige... Not sure how it's going to "feel"... but it's worth a shot to try. I'm not tearing into any of this until Friday, but at least everything will be prepped for installation.

The ultimate white inspiration:
Our cat - Sephora

How are you decorating for Christmas this year? Monochromatic? Modern? Minimal? or Traditional? Have you already begun? Do you put up a faux or real tree? Multi-color or clear lights? Do you do most all spaces with a little something? Or only the the family room? Do you decorate outside? Did you already start? Love to hear from you...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"


  1. I love that look, I am planing on having a white/neutral color scheam this christmas accented with silver and soft muted gold

  2. The "problem" with holiday decorating is it looks wonderful no matter what palette one chooses--the hard part is making the decision.

  3. Hi Lynda, It's Pebbles from RMS. I did silver & gold and white last year (it's posted on rms). Great minds think a like. Will start decorating this weekend. This year i'm using greens,brown & gold. Love your blog!

  4. Hi Lynda, I too am doing a white, cream, gold Christmas theme this year with a tidbit of crystal and champagne added to it. I've done the white & silver which I loved but everyone else vetoed.;) Last year I did green and gold (think moss, kiwi, lime green) which was beautiful! Like you I am originally from NY and live in south east NC just over the border from SC. Looking forward to your pictures....Love your blog!

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