Pick up any shelter magazine, and you will for sure see touches of gold being the trend metal and color to add. Back during the start of holiday, I had experimented with a few touches of gold: I painted some chargers, pumpkins, and my beloved modern round mirror. I laughed to myself as I painted the mirror from silver back to its original state of gold. I never knew the infatuation would grow so deep. This past weekend, I went hunting for a gold coffee table, and although I didn't find one, I did find one I could transform with yet another shot of gold.

$15 thrifted table: simple update sprayed gold.

Previous (gifted) table and subtle pops of pink earlier in January.

I had been looking forward to getting up to Faith Farm Thrift for their sale they were going to be having. Although when I went on Saturday, most pieces were already sold on Thursday and Friday, I did venture over to another thrift shop I knew of in the area. I should have taken a picture of the table when I found it - but I didn't - I just wanted to get it home (plus I had other errands to do). The table was wedged into a mattress bin. But there she was - just enough detail to not be too ornate, and clean lined enough to work with expecting pieces in our home. Added bonus: faux bamboo looks for furniture is still trending.

Thankfully my seats of my Jetta fold down and I have a blanket with me to wrap glass & mirror, so I was able to fit it into my car with no problem. We had plans to go out early Saturday evening, so I tucked the table into the garage until I could get to painting it on Sunday.



After the hubs left to go pick up some Super Bowl eats, I laid out my drop cloths in the driveway, brought the table outside, wiped it down and gave it a good two coats with Rustolleum's Metallic finish color called Gold Rush (same color gold I already had from the Fall). I also sprayed a clear matte top coat to help seal it and make it easier to clean. I let it sit in the garage overnight to dry well and cure. This morning I brought it inside. I'm liking the warm and fresh look of the gold paired with pink & white, and can't wait to add some shots of grassy green to the mix.

I love using our home to experiment with new looks.

Two colors I would have NEVER ever thought
I could love or live with: Pink & Gold.

I wish the shag rug were a little bigger - Note to self: hunt for one! lol

As I had mentioned in a previous post (Projects To Do) I'd like to experiment with pairing two colors and more patterns to mix. I'd like to find some zig-zag pink pillows and green and white trellis pillows, but I just may need to take on the task of sewing them myself - another task to try this year from my project list. In the meantime, I simply used a hot pink pashmina I already own and two hot pink pillow covers I did find for only $5 at Ikea. I used another pink scarf on the Barcelona chair which picks up on the pink blossoms and I stacked a few magazines with pink covers on the ottoman. It's safe - and slowly but surely starting to evolve into a welcoming Spring.

I liked an ad I saw in a West Elm catalog of different white vessels collected on a fireplace mantle, so I recreated the concept on our wall unit. I paired the painted gold mirror with my collected white vessels I already have. The clear glass container is to add white pillar candles to. My friend Jose gave me some fabric samples I hope to be making into pillow covers shortly - Lord knows - I certainly do not need the inserts! lol

Over in the dining room, I reused the LOVE quad wall art I made last year (From My Spring Love post), but rather than have them on the wall behind the dining table, I used them at the entrance buffet for a shot of bold pink on our already pale grey walls. Keeping all the accessories in white gives the space a fresh crisp look (although I think the white shades could use colored banding along the bottom). I even lucked out and found pink panels at Ikea for only $10

My bare branches are also still coming in handy (also trending for home decor). These I got for free (found on the side of the road) back in September for Fall, now they have pink blossoms for Spring.

At the time I found the table and set the space above, it wasn't 100% of what I was envisioning, but sometimes you just have to live in a space, and let it - and your style - evolve over time. That's also what makes collecting so fun! Anyone can walk into a store and bring home the pretty displays. But taking your time to collect, hunt and gather your finds and discover knew looks (or yourself) along the way takes a little more patience. I added in some green, and evolved into this for Spring...

Another thrifted find: 1960's gold detail glasses.
Too pretty for storage - I'm using for tealights.


and now the table and space have
transitioned into Summer and into Fall...


FALL 2011



  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. :) Hope you have a great night! xoxo

  2. very nice! hope you'll come see me at


  3. You have such a nac for making your home such a beautiful place!! I love the branches-

    I must go check out some more of your blog now!

    bee blessed

  4. Beautiful, Lynda!! I agree with you about gold & pink...two colors I NEVER thought I'd use in my home. But gold has been creeping in over the last year, and I have even gotten to the point where I'm (unbelievably) kinda considering a touch of pink, somewhere. ;)
    Your table turned out great, including the pink mags on display! Love it all.

  5. Hi Lynda,
    Sorry I haven't had a chance to email you back. I have been back in forth between Miami and Atlanta for the past 2 months now. I truly want to get with you in the next couple of weeks for maybe lunch when I return which will be towards the end of next week. I too have been looking for some gold accent tables for the guest room there. So if you happen to find some please let me know!!

    I think your pink and gold is coming along very well. Oh by the way I also had a chance to stop by the shops on 125st. I think I fell in love all over again!! I even blogged about it! Great Stuff...TTyL



  6. I'm not usually a big fan of gold, but it looks lovely here. Love the pink too. Inspiring.

    Lisa x

  7. I never thought about adding pink or gold to the decor but I'm rethinking that. The pink and gold really adds pizzazz. Love it!


  8. Lynda, as always I LOVE your work! I totally understand how bizarre it seems to fall in love with a color combo that used to seem... well YUK! I am going through the same thing with pale blues and oranges, two colors I used to hate!
    Decorating can be such a fickle b!tc#

  9. Oh I love the entire room. Everything is lovely and the vignettes are gorgeous. The coffee table is perfect. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. I love the gold coffee table!! Your entire room is gorgeous! :)

  11. Love your style....and your clever finds. Gold rocks and there is nothing that thrift finds and spray cans cant change!

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress blending Lifestyle and laughter

  12. Great table was a great find... I wouldn't have thought to spray it gold. Very classy! The pink looks fabulous paired with the gold. I do love the pillows and rug, the texture put into that space works! Very inspiring!!

    Sure Fit Slipcovers

  13. Please pardon my long over due THANK YOU to all the beautiful comments! When I had started blogging (in Nov. 2009) it was from a job loss - so when I started working this year - it became a challenge to balance working & blogging (along with other social media like tweeting & FB). Since "the gig is up", I should be returning to a more regular blogging schedule as before.

    Thanks for hanging in there and for stopping by to comment! Time to get back in the blogging groove...

    :D Lynda

  14. I loved reading this post! Your table (and everything else) is beautiful! I found your blog at the DIY Showoff. You have such great ideas and I'm your newest follower! I'd love it if you'd follow me back:

    Again, you did a fantastic job!! :-)

  15. Thank you for al the kind comments (and party invite!)!! And thanks for visiting!

    :D Lynda

  16. This space looks so BEAUTIFUL! I love what you did with the table... (those bamboo detailed furniture pieces are a personal favorite!!)

    Anyway, I was wondering if you would be interested in guest blogging at Remodelaholic about this lovely room? Let me know and I will get you all the details! Thanks,



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