Literally! I'm not joking! Check out these shoes I spotted while visiting my local Goodwill (in Hollywood - on Taft Street). No - I didn't get any of the shoes, but I did spot a great straw tote I picked up at a church thrift shop in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday. The sweet gem was only $4 and they had several others. But I'm not a thrift hog =) I kindly left them there for the next thrifting recessionista. I did however snap a few shots for you to enjoy along with sharing a few tips for shopping thrift...

Pucci-like print pumps!


I see a fashionable Easter bunny wearing these!

I could see a room inspired from these...

Not pumps - but a spring color palette.

Thrift Tip: If you don't absolutely LOVE something - don't buy it
because it will accumulate to clutter. There is something I liked
about these shoes, but I don't LOVE them.

They sure are a fun shoe though!
And here are the straw bags I spotted at a church thrift on Saturday...

Cute straw bag for only $2

$8 (it's actually a mini back-pack)

Adorable picnic basket mini at $3

And my $4 find... it holds a LOT of stuff!

This bag might even pair well for a casual look with flat sandles and a green halter Zara
dress I thrifted two years ago. It was $12 and I had gotten it for 1/2 off. Thrift Tip: Just like your home accessories, fashion accessories can dress up or dress down the look of your find.

Hmmm... those first shoes could work... but no.
That's a bit TOO much color in one dose for me!

What have you thrifted lately?
When you shop thrift, do you only look for homegoods?
Do you ever wardrobe thrift shop?

Zara at $12 but got for $6
Thrift Tip: If tag is missing - look at label because
for clothing it's usually written on it.

I've been wardrobe thrifting for about 20 years (yikes! That makes me sound old!!)
Thrift Tip: The key is to only keep classic and vintage pieces - a denim jacket, newer cloths from brands you like: The Limited, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor. Or these could also be thrift keepers: a Halston dress, Oleg Cassini opera gloves, a metallic clutch, straw handbag, a fur coat, unique bridge / costume jewelry, or pearls: broaches, earrings, necklaces or a fabulous cocktail ring.

A $3 find from about 1993 - may be further back.

Thrift Tip: As with your home style, you can thrift for
fashions that are your style, fit and that you love. You can also find deals on dresses or outfits for special occassions - like prom or a wedding. I love my green dress, and I see it coming in handy to wear for Easter...

Happy Thrifty Thursday!



  1. I never have such good luck at a thrift store. Maybe I need some lessons.

  2. I think the folks in the Tampa area are keeping their things to hold their own garage sales--thrifting has been slim pickings lately. You certainly got lucky!

  3. Amazing! I was just at my Goodwill yesterday in Lakeland and they nothing as sharp as what you found! Nice finds!

  4. Your GW is much better than ours.. I guess all the good stuff goes fast and I miss it. Love those shoes, and the dress. thanks for the lovely post. Thanks too for droppin in.

  5. What fun shoes! I love that silver necklace! Isn't thrift shopping exhilarating!

    Lindsey Turner

  6. That green dress is BEAUTIFUL! I especially love it with the flower :) You should go back and pick up that mini picnic basket! You could fill it with some cheese/crackers/bottle of wine and make a lovely birthday gift for a friend!

  7. I love that dress find! I just scored a vintage Lacoste dress from a thrift store and put it up on my blog because I just couldn't believe what someone actually gave away! New to your blog, following now!



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