What's going around? Spring Cleaning Fever!

It's that time of year, when we open the windows to let in some fresh Spring air... and also notice all the dust that accumulated during the closed up winter months. You don't have any dust? Rrrrrright - even the cleanest of houses have accumulated dust from pet hair to lint. It's on your baseboards, on your staircases, and on your shelves, TV, books & picture frames. Dust is under & on furniture, on your window panels, rods, & sills. And it's even on your light fixtures, kitchen cabinet tops, computers and probably comfortably resting on the shoulders of hangers garments in your closet - which is a hint: Too much stuff and time to donate.

Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not. It doesn't all need to be done in a day. To make the chore of spring cleaning easier to tackle, write yourself a list of all you wish to accomplish. Then break it down into smaller categories and you'll not only be done in no time - you'll feel proud (and clean) too! Some categories to break down the chores could include:

Even if you live in a small two story townhome, tackling cleaning can be overwhelming. To help ease the stress and still balance some time for yourself - tackle downstairs one day and upstairs on another day.

ROOM BY ROOM: Top - Down - Clean
Start each room by looking up: check for cob webs, dirt on air vents and dust on ceiling fan or light fixtures. Clear off bookcases, dust shelves, books and objects and when you put them back, try a new arrangement. Take rugs outside for a beating (lol) and even shake-out or wash window panels (or better yet: switch them out all together for something light & bright!!) Evaluate your space and its needs: Looking for less clutter and more storage?

Take note of some decorative storage boxes you could use - but only to hide the things you do use. If you haven't used it in 6 months to a year - "chuck it". The same goes for closets. Some ideas for your chuck it pile: besides donating to Goodwill or the Salvation Army you could also: Donate to a church or charity, just give items to friends or family, have a garage / yard sale, or have a closet swap gathering with your friends and then donate the leftovers.

Simply put: clear the clutter and put the piles away. Evaluate your space - how you're using it and what your needs are. Create zones or categories to keep like items together - same is true for pieces of storage furniture. I keep decorative glass containers in one place, and metal containers in another. While you're in the garage, check your paint inventory because you could use what you have to freshen up inside. Take notes of needs (like extra totes, shelving or tools) but FOCUS - don't get side tracked into another project until you're finished with this one =)

Become a bleach baby - and unless you're a pro at wearing black - wear all white =) and definitely be sure to have Magic Erase - it's FANTASTIC for cleaning anything white!! (have you seen the finger prints on your white doors, white moldings and white stair railings lately??)

IN THE BATHROOM: Start with clearing the cabinet clutter: Seriously, do you REALLY need all those hair and beauty products? You could probably condense multiple bottles of shampoo to one and the same for conditioner. If you know a skin product didn't work or made you break-out - "chuck it". Clear out bathroom drawers and baskets / totes: you'd be surprised how much of your blush & bronzer dust wonder into these places and then got sealed with hair spray overspray. Wipe down light fixtures and shelves. Q-Tips and an old toothbrush are great for cleaning nooks & crannies. Magic Erase works great on removing make up stains from white cabinets.

IN THE KITCHEN: Clear off the counters and start at the top: tops of cabinets - and work your way down. Clear & clean out lower cabinets. Is there something you don't use anymore - like that deep fryer - do as Emily says and "chuck it" into a donation pile. If you have drop in appliances (like your stove & fridge) MOVE THEM - or may have have some unexpected guests for breakfast one morning (lol). Pitch, refresh, and label your spices. Check expiration dates on boxed and canned goods. Empty drawers and grab your mini Dirt Devil to collect all the crumbs. In the fridge, after the wipe down - change the box of baking soda and display (yes display) some of your fresh fruits & veggies out of their store packages. Out of site (in that lower drawer) means out of mind. If you see it, you'll eat it and create less waste.

- Inside / Outside windows can be easily cleaned with newspaper, vinegar & water
- Scrub tile grout and Magic Erase works wonderful on tile floors
- If you don't need a deep professional cleaning for your rugs scheduled, you can refresh them with spot cleaning using Resolve foam spray. If you have carpeted stairs & pets: Not only vacuum your stairs, but also use a brush starting at the top of the stairs and work your way down. This will help to loosen dirt, collect pet hair and wake up the pile on your rug.

Springtime is a great time to try a new color or touch-up those dings. This is also a good time to refresh stair railings, door moldings or baseboards with a fresh coat of white (semi gloss or gloss is great to enhance architectural details). Why not also give your accessories a renewed look with a new color like white?  This is also a great way to unit a collection of similar items in various shapes. Pick up both flat & gloss paints: Use flat for smooth surface items and use the gloss to highlight textured items.

To help save with gas (and time) try to minimize the amount of trips out you make. Create a plan for one day and in one route to:
~ Drop off donations
~ Drop off dry cleaning
~ Pick up paint, shelving or tools from Home Depot or Lowes
~ Pick-up any storage totes or boxes you may need
~ If you go to Target for your totes, you could also pick-up groceries and even some fresh flowers. Clip manufacturer's coupons and if you have a Target card, use it and save an additional 5% on your purchases =)

After you've cleared the winter cob webs, added some fresh cut greens from your yard or neighborhood, let in the natural light, and given yourself a few bloom bursts in each room - sit back and enJOY!! Congratulations! You've made it through cleaning the inside of your home! Now you're ready to take on outside =)

What are some ways you spring clean around your home?
I'm going to tackle the office today - wish me luck!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!


  1. I have been purging for the last month. I must believe that slow and steady wins the race because I have sure been doing it slowly. I have put a big dent in the inside of the house, but the garage, that is a whole other show!!! KS

    PS Good luck on your Spring Cleaning!!

  2. I am PURGING closets this month (and it may take that long). I have clothes in 4 closets!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. I YI YI! Thanks for the inspiration. XO, Pinky



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