Reforming An Office Into A Spring Blogging Space

A few feminine details helped reform a strictly business home office with a b&w photo gallery into a personalized bloggers delight with plenty of storage space for books, magazines and ideas. No major expense, renovation or even paint was needed. The mood change came from organizing what I already had and adding accessories plus some fresh cut flowers. You can do this too. A question to ask yourself is: How do you use your space? If how you use your space or your lifestyle has changed, but the details have not - it's time for an update.

MARCH 2011



Get the urge to purge - and do a simple transformation without a major splurge. Here are some more shots of reformed home office after my weekend of spring cleaning (Read Spring Fling In The Office). The multi-green wall art was a thrift find last year that I reframed and had hanging in the Living Room above the sofa (Read 2010 Restyle Resolution) . White storage boxes I picked up at Ikea (with a Gift Card) helped eliminate some clutter. The now white vases were black. Painting them white and adding them to the space gave it some interest and personality. Another accessory adding personality to the space is the display form - dressed in my fave accessories: my (SATC) Carrie roses and pearls. I recently added rocker chains to mix it up. Fresh flowers refresh the room for Spring by giving life to the space.

Before shelves collected photos (and dust).
Now they are better utilized for storage.

Not all shelves are only storage - some maintained photos to
personalize the space.

Paint fan decks stash neatly into
a 10"x13"storage box from Ikea (pkg 2 @ 3.99)

For a cleaner look in a small space, I stashed the business of my multi-colored
books in a white storage box. You could also just flip covers to white side and stack.

Thrifted and reframed wall art adds a shot of color.

Sephora enjoying the refreshed space.

Ottomans under window maintained a reading nook, seating and storage.
(where did you think all those frames went to? lol)

Another square glass container adds some sparkle and place to hold pens & pencils.
(No need to rush out to buy desk accessories - use what you have & love)

Easily accessible white magazine storage behind the desk.

More trays to organize tear sheets & ideas.

Sometimes thrift is a state of being:
Hunted for a bit and I found this COMFY chair online Saturday - ON SALE -it WAS $200 - on SALE for $99 plus we had a $30 off rebate coupon from all the ink cartridges we recycle at Staples so it was only $69 (it's actually increased in price since Saturday). If you're a blogger or spend numerous hours at your computer - a good chair is a worth while investment.

The previous eight year old chair had hard plastic arms (and a WELL worn seat!)
I lean a lot to the left and now my elbow has a pad to lean on.
Donated previous chair to Goodwill.

Stacked and labeled drawers from my previous
office space work has added storage under the open desk.

Curvy basket adds texture & storage for recycled grocery bags to collect trash
and clean out Sephora's litter box.

Tray holding a few favorite things.
Calender in line of site from desk - so it stays in place.

Circle details on square glass vases - both relate to the round capiz bowl and linear elements in the space.

Old lucite stacking tray holding some fave fabric samples.

Capiz bowl previously in Yoga room adds interest with circles to break from all the linear forms.

Positive re-enforcement quote at eye level =)

Curvy mercury glass vase relocated from a bathroom adds a reflective surface.

Fresh cut flowers give the space life.

Rocker chain necklaces added to form pick up on silver accents.

Form says I'm classic & edgy - feminine & strong.

Swapped the positions of flower pins - white now at top.

Although I'd like a smaller desk for the space, I'm still making this one work
plus it really has a ton of work space.

Just enough fun refreshing the space without loosing focus.

Where do you blog from? It's interesting to see.
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Hope you enJOYed the tour and you were able to get inspired!
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. This is a fabulous space. I love the black mixed with the girly touches and I want the cat :)
    She is adorable!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Wow you such an amazing job on your blogging place I really wish I had a place like that to blog in.

  3. Amazing what a good spring clean can do it looks great. My home office has been taken over my boxes ready for me moving house its not really a place for study or reflection right now

  4. Lynda, your office is the epitome of stylish organization!

  5. You have one of the most organized spaces I have seen to date. I think I tell you this quite often. I think right along interior styling, you should certainly offer professional organizational services. I know I watch your space often to get tips of how to make a mole hole out of my mountain of mess.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. I'm a big fan of leaning art in bookshelves. Love the look and feel of your office!

  7. What a beautiful spat, so chic and elegant, like out of a magazine!



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