I'm so excited!! Although Kelly's book - Kelly Hoppen Ideas - was previously released in other countries last month, it has finally been released in North America today (available on Amazon). I already have four of her seven books, and now, thanks to an early received copy from her social media manager, I have her latest book - Kelly Hoppen Interiors - to add to my collection.

Kelly once again selflessly shares a combination of illustrative sketches, mood boards, and photographs demonstrating how to turn a concept into reality. Design dilemmas are reviewed and covered from setting a mood, evaluating a space, and space planning with zones. To help resolve these dilemmas, Kelly has also shared checklists for readers to utilize as a point of reference.

"Kelly Hoppen is a world renowned British designer who has pioneered a simple yet opulent style that has won her numerous accolades and awards for her stunning interiors" - Sarah Stewart-Smith

photo by: Mel Yates

"Fashion, lifestyle, and art are all reflections of our individual personas. Learning how to re-create the visual references that we love is an exciting journey for any homeowner. Kelly has made this acheivable for everyone in the pages of her beautiful new book." - Victoria Beckham

photo by: Mel Yates

"Each of the homes I have designed and lived in has been an ongoing exercise - an experiment if you like - where I have tried to understand, more than anything else, how we see things, what gives us contentment, and what we are really trying to acheive." - Kelly Hoppen

photo by: Mel Yates

"I'm known for my palette of neutrals - black, white, cream gray and taupe. These make the perfect backdrop for any scheme." - Kelly Hoppen

 Kelly's new book - front and center display on my coffee table
along with a few of her other books.

NEWEST ADDITION to my Kelly Hoppen Collection:
Kelly Hoppen Interiors - Quite simply her BEST book yet!

Other Kelly books to also enjoy and learn from are:

If you're looking for a wonderful new book to update or add to your design reference library, be sure to add Kelly's new book to your collection. It also features a beautiful written forward from her dear friend Victoria Beckham. You can also read other reviews at You Magazine and Daily Mail (UK).

In addition to Kelly sharing her thoughts and visions in her book, you can also connect with her via her blog, facebook, and twitter.
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