With all the driving around I've been doing lately for David & the ColorSplash team, it has enabled me to pop into stores more often and see there updated floor sets. I'm totally in LOVE with the refreshed look welcoming customers at the entry of Z Gallerie, in South Miami. What I love about it so much is the refreshed color palette - vibrant and paired more with white - than with gray, black or brown. They even highlighted their all white sofa more by keeping the sofa simple, and framing it with strong color blocked vignettes. These settings are oh-so South Florida and perfect for Resort Markets. They will even help break the ice up north...

Area still in progress - but still looking good!

The white birds add fun and whimsy to some faux bamboo...
Even existing espresso store fixtures are lightened up with a refreshed look
paired with more white... LOVE the painted black stripes on some otherwise ordinary white plain paper lanterns (That's an EZ DIY project!!)

Love this look so much so - it just may have become a source for new inspiration
(even though I was HOT for PINK!)

What have you been inspired by lately?
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I haven't been to ZGallerie in a while. I may have to head over there soon. I'm loving the bright colors.

  2. Oh How I LOVE Z Gallerie =)

  3. Thanks for the tour - this just reminds me how much I miss the NYC Z Gallerie store. Was so sad to see it close here.

  4. So many inspiring ideas! I love the clean lines and geometric patterns :D thanks for sharing.

  5. Z Gallerie is one of m favorite stores. One of the downfalls is that often times there stuff can me very pricey. I am still holding on to try to get one item. I know I can scoop it up on sale one day.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting



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