I love them. I think they are fabulous! I spotted these pretty green mums yesterday while out running errands. They were in a little stand set by the entrance at an unexpected place - CVS. For only $3, they were just the shot of Spring joy the kitchen needed (along with a bowl of yes - expected - green apples). A simple and also unexpected item I used to display my green mums - a stainless bathroom tumbler. To add shine and add scale to the simple arrangement, I placed them into a glass cylinder. 

Since I didn't use the entire bunch in the kitchen, I was able to use the rest of the bunch on the adjacent buffet in our living room. It gave it just enough pop of green to add to my latest thrift find (spotted yesterday at Faith Farm Thrift) - A framed Woody Allen Manhattan movie poster. Not only was this an awesome score at only $2 - it's also one of my fave classic WA NYC movies (another is Manhattan Murder Mystery). The poster wasn't even in with other framed pictures. It was up on a cabinet, behind an American flag, hanging behind a counter in a tent at Faith Farm Thrift.

From the humor of Allen to the music of Gershwin...
A fave place and movie - Manhattan.

The mums are a nice little pop of green added to a morning cup of jo...
or even a refreshing mix with a little pink from a fave drink (wine and the other cosmos or appletini's).

Photograph actually of Jeff's uncle...
I 'think' he had said from WWII era...

Old postcard framed...

A cut crystal bowl vase adds shimmer & shine.

Happy Spring! 



  1. Clever Girl! So fresh and fun! definitely adds that shot of spring to refresh - love these.

  2. Mums...at CVS, really! I love them too! I love the way you put it together!

  3. Those are fabulous and unique! Just like you! I have never seen green mums, but what a perfect spring pop!

  4. Thanks ladies!! You might be able to try to make them: Pick up white mums, give them a fresh cut and place in water after adding some GREEN food dye. I remember doing this as a science experiment with celery, so it may work for the flower too.

    xo Happy Spring!

  5. Hi Sweety..
    Thanks for your lovely words at my blog...i love yours & now me following..
    Lots of Love ~

  6. Love the green....simply beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day,



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