A Tale of OOPS! Paint

How's everyone doing today? Did you enjoy your St. Patty's celebrations? Although I may not have posted anything green on the blog, I was well into it. As part of the Spring Cleaning I've been doing around our home, I was wanting to refresh the dining from a deep, dark (almost depressing) chocolate brown from fall / winter to a happy spring green. I remembered we had a can of OOPS! mossy green paint in the garage, so I decided to try it out in our dining space.

Remember - It's just paint.
You don't like it? You can change it.

There's a reason why OOPS! paint is in the OOPS! pile. Although I had spotted this oops mossy-green paint back in '04 - I never felt inspired to use it (it seemed too dark). Since I was wanting to refresh our dining space for Spring, I thought this would be a great chance to use it. It was a little darker than I'd like, but I thought the sunlit space would brighten it plus I could lighten it with white... and then with cream... but as I did it became even more of an oops!! (I think it needed more saturation and life - probably I needed yellow to lighten & brighten it).

My paint supervisor - Sephora.

Still too dark in the space with this green...

On trend yes - But no likey for now.

This is a pic of the mossy green - being painted over with
Sherwin Williams LIME RICKY!
Rather than get upset over the effort, I thought ok - I'll consider this the primer to cover the RL Crosby brown and I set out to a nearby Sherwin Williams to pick up a more cheerful shade of green - and FIX MY OOPS! Even though Military Green is on trend (featured in House & Home) - I wasn't "feeling" it in our space.

Living room (background) already refreshed with green, black & white.
Apples in the kitchen for a pop of green.

Moss green already on wall - but not a happy feeling in space.
Patterns on tables are from two fabrics from free samples my friend Jose gave to me I really wanted to use them in the space (but that's another post).

Not too light - not too dark...
I went with the happy medium - Lime Ricky.

Oh it's definitely a HAPPY and REFRESHING

I'll reveal some shots of the refreshed space shortly... Right now I'm on my way out to make a donation drop off to Goodwill... Hmmm.... I wonder what I might find there? Stay tuned!!

and CHEERS - from a happy green =)

BTW: Bring your sunglasses with you when you come back to see the space...
The hubs said I was hanging around David too much and got color-splashed! lol

*** UPDATE ***

The olive above was too drab for Spring...

Lime Ricky makes me sing!

It was a risky, but it's just paint!
And I'm really loving the fresh look!

And it became a wonderful backdrop to create
some refreshing Spring tablescapes for Easter!



  1. Looks like your dining room is going to turn into a fun place for entertaining. Looking forward to seeing how it turned out.

  2. Lynda I am not sure if you read my post called I am the Goldilocks of green or not, but my hubby painted the playroom 3 times to get the right green. I love it and in case Lime Ricky is well lets say toooo Lime, look at Martha Stewarts lemongrass it is the most soothing fresh green when mixed with white it looks amazing. I highly reccomend it. I am using Navy accents and it is so fresh. Have a fun limey weekend,Kathysue

  3. Can't wait to see the new color. I've never bought any oops paint, guess I need to check out the pile someday. Hugs, Marty

  4. I'm loving that military green color! I bet the room will turn out very lovely!

  5. How exciting, just whipping out paint for Spring. I've checked out the oops paint but never any good ones! Can't wait to see your finished green!


  6. See I think that darker green would have looked gorgeous with some plum but I can see your point as thats more autumn feeling than spring. The new colour is more refreshing, roll on the sunshine hey

  7. I love it! I just painted my Dinning Room in bright green too! It just makes me happy when I walk into the room

  8. rrright Becky??? It's especially bright & cheerful when the sun is lighting the space naturally! I just made a slip cover for the bench too so will be posting pics shortly.

    Thanks for stopping by an taking the time to comment!!

    xo Lynda

  9. Yup, love the Lime Ricky green. I totally hear you on the "oops" paint. I sold 5 cans of "oops" I had at a garage sale recently. Mind you I lugged it all from my old garage when we moved to this house, thinking I would surely use it! But the colors were never right. Then last week Home Depot had their FreshAire line closing out at 5.00 gallon. I bought 3 gallons of that, had one mixed for my daughter's room, but she hates it! So now I am back to gallons of "oops" in my garage that I propbably wont use...when will I learn?! Lol!

  10. Your diningrooms looks great. I am always so afraid to try to just paint a color on my wall, as you say you can always just paint over it, but I freeze in fear. Guess I'll just have to get over it now and get to painting.



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