Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! I'm still trying to balance time to blog with managing projects for homeowners and even some projects around here. One of those projects I did around here last week was in one afternoon: Repainting the moldings (in common areas), repainting the stairway rails & uprights and repainting six doors white. It all was a domino of a project I had started earlier the same day - making a magnet quote board. Although it started with just the board itself, I thought (since the paint & roller were already out) why not try the office closet doors. The board itself came from wanting to use up the blank canvases I have in the garage, and also wanting a place to see the motivational quotes I've been collecting over the years.

I had the canvas, the drop cloth and even the spray glue (left over from the headboard project). All I needed was some cork. I found a rolled cork at Office Depot for only $14, which for the end result size I'm getting, is less than buying a framed cork board (seen at $44)

Although the cork roll fit just right, there was a little excess I did need to trim off.

After covering the canvas with cork, I had put it up in the office, but HATED the color. I was going to have painted it black, but thought this would be a great time to try the magnet paint I had...

eek!! Needs a little something....

And this is the space I look at mostly when I'm sitting at the desk.
Boring focal point for me without something there... lol

Supplies needed.

I gave it three coats. In between the drying time, is when I went upstairs with the tray and roller, to try the magnet paint on the closet doors...

Another space I glance at while sitting at the desk...
Inspired by the "Sephora" bag, it looks more graphic and appealing. It's now a functional space too.

Those motivational quote magnets are about $5, so I made my own of all my faves. Just Google them, and right click image to save. Print onto card stock or photo paper and simply use business card sized adhesive magnets, cut to size and stick into place. You can also take them a step further and mount these quotes to foam board, cut with an Xacto blade and attach magnets to backs...

I had used only a few of these with my cards, so this was a great way to
repurpose these adhesive magnets.

I'd like to have done an inspiration board, filled with magazine clippings, but that type of paper curls too easy in the Florida humidity. And I'm really liking the reinforcement the messages give. I also mixed in some cards and images I've collected. Since the board has cork, it has that flexibility to use either magnets or push pins...

I have old style silver thumbtacks to add to the perimeter,
which should make it look like it's studded...

And the doors are flexible too.
To quote or not to quote it becomes the question...

The doors can even be used as a space to view sample images of client spaces I'm working on... vs. trying to work from a board on the floor, because than Sephora likes to walk all over it =)

Yes - even though I use olioboard, I still get a feel for creating a space doing a sample board, especially when the space is empty and needs to be filled with almost everything.

A photo slicer helped ensure the edges were crisp & straight.

Amazing what you can do with black (and white) paint in afternoon!
I'd like to change out the desk, but no can do right now ($$$) - simple paint projects were a great way to give the space a simple (and functional) update.

Thanks for stopping by!

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