Frozen in time - "La Habana" photo exhibition of Cuba at UM's Korach Gallery opens today

I don't know about you, but I still enjoy flipping through a newspaper while sipping coffee on Sunday morning. And this past Sunday, while looking for the Home Design section of the Miami Herald, I came across something even better - The Visual Arts section. On its front page were these remarkable images of amazing architecture, and it was called Views of Home. The article tells the story behind these beautiful images captured by photographer Victoria Montoro Zamorano. Fortunately, these images and more will be in an exhibit at the University of Miami's Korach Gallery, Jorge M. Architecture Center - starting TODAY through August 13.

Turquesa en la Prado by Victoria Montoro Zamorano

The exhibit, free to the public, is open from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. There will also be a special reception with the artist from 6-8pm on July 13.

La Herida by Victoria Montoro Zamorano

I'm looking forward to going to both - quietly sometime during the next week, and also for the reception to meet the photographer.

La casa Rosada by Victoria Montoro Zamorano

"The buildings are presented without sentiment. You see peeling paint, broken windows, makeshift repairs and laundry hung out to dry. But you also see works of surpassing beauty, with extraordinary architectural ornament — pilasters, pediments, brackets, friezes, columns, arches, balustrades, rosettes, medallions, gargoyles. In almost every image there is a person, or an object, to give a sense of the grandness of these buildings, of their imposing scale. They are presented not so much as a fashion parade of important buildings but more as a semi-anonymous (some buildings are identified, but others are neither named nor located) collection in which the whole is indeed more than the proverbial sum of parts, just as Havana is." Read more at The Miami Herald.

El Balcon by Victoria Montoro Zamorano

The images really spoke to my heart, probably most of all because Havana, Cuba is where my father was from. If you're in Miami, this would definitely be a worth while exhibit to go see.



  1. Amazing pictures of my parents homeland! My husband and I are planning to go see the exposition. Thank you so much for spotlighting these beautiful pictures of Cuba... if only we could go back in time and see them in their hayday!
    Have a beautiful day,

  2. I think these buildings are so gorgeous. I know at one time they were spectacular but now they are
    Love them.

  3. Amazing photography.. it's however rather sad to see such beauty in despair..

  4. Love your blog-new follower. Thanks for all the inspiration.



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