Vote here!! Vote now!! I don't know how I missed this Olioboard challenge - but only 4 days left to vote!! The challenge started July 7 and runs through July 21. The challenge is to design a bathroom with BLACK walls for him, but still have it be romantic looking for her. The challenge was submitted by Olioboard member Nicole and reads like this:

"We just moved into our new home and there is currently black chalkboard paint in the large master bath. My husband actually wants black walls (but not chalkboard). I just don't see how black walls would be romantic or pretty! LoL. He never puts his input in when decorating, but he really wants black walls so I'd like to be open to this idea. I'm wondering if Olioboard is up for the challenge?"

Although I do love to wear black, and I also use to have an all black office, I don't think I would recommend having an all black bathroom (I would suggest grey & white with accents in black). But, if a client really wanted it, I'd suggest:

 Mixing the layers of finishes - matt, TeXtUrE, and SHINE.

Here I used a black on black damask print wall covering with shiney black wooden floors. Custom cabinets could be made from a pair of dressers or sideboards - using a black bowl vessel sink. Black crystal light fixtures for the sconces and the center piece chandy would set the romantic ambiance in the room... along with layering the light in the space with recessed lighting for task and candle light for romance. Open shelving, such as etegers would give added storage without being a heavy fixture in the space. With all the black first appearing so heavy (and masculine for him) I'd also lighten up the space with reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass cyliners for candles & bath toiletries... and of course, some crisp fresh white roses (or orchaids or calla lillies).

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Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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