Wednesday evening was the reception for the exhibit La Habana, in honor of the artist, Victoria Montoro.  It was held at the University of Miami's School of Architecture in the Korach Gallery of the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center. The reception was open to the public, and had a surprisingly very good turn out for being a Summer event, according to the Dean of the School of Architecture, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, who I had the honor to meet and speak with. She suggested also to go visit the adjacent building to see the new auditorium, which was also an amazing structure.

I had gone with my friend Jose, and we met some other people during the event, but the highlight of the evening for me had to be having the pleasure and honor of meeting the artist - Victoria Montoro. We spoke, I cried (again), she hugged me and gave me her card.

Visit Victoria's website at

I say again because not even three steps into the exhibit, I was overcome with emotion. Seeing these images, I feel, in some way brought me closer with my father. Although we didn't speak much of his life in Cuba, he did tell my mom, and she's shared the stories with me. One story I do know though is how my father LOVED the song, "I left my heart in San Fransisco." However after seeing the exhibit, I learned it wasn't the San Fransisco of California. There is actually a San Fransisco in Havana. These are some of the images I quickly captured with my cellphone while at the reception.

Image called, "San Fransisco"

Admiring my favorite image - "La Turquesa"

Photo on canvas...

"Cuban–born Victoria Montoro left Havana in 1961 and returned for the first time in 2008. The daughter of a former political prisoner, she calls the trip the most important of her life. It was a time for her to reconcile her memories from those invented ones or imagined ones acquired through the years. This body of work reveals how the buildings in La Habana have endured."

The exhibit will continue to be on display now through August 12. It's open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you're in Miami or South Florida I highly recommend go to see the exhibit. My images here don't do it justice...

Seeing what my father once saw... and he hoped to see again one day...

This was the closest he (we) ever got... was standing at the Southern Most Point in Key West back about 1979....

But thanks to Victoria, I feel like I got a little closer
for the both of us =)

Special thanks to Victoria's two assistants
for finding her that evening so I could meet her. And thanks also to the University of Miami for holding the event & exhibit of images that were frozen in time...


  1. Lovely Post darling, and you just took my breath away, you look stunning!
    All the best for a grand weekend, Coryanne



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