Knowing the homeowners budget and without breaking the bank, I was able to makeover a space without expensive details. I found several charming and functional finds to the easily mix old & new accessories - for much under $20. All I needed was an afternoon (or two) to do a little savvy & thrifty shopping - shifting through clearance and rummaging through thrift - to find these stylish details. To help overspending or accumulate too many returns, I shopped for the details closer to the end of the project. Armed with a list of specifics, here are five frugal finds I gathered for a recent bedroom makeover I did...

Easy on the eye bedside vignette - mixing old (thrifted finds) with
new (clearance goods).

Spotted on Clearance at Homegoods.

Spotted on clearance at Target.

Put together to make a lovely little find.

1. THINK OUT OF THE BOX: I've always liked the look of the structured square container filled with a colorful flower bunch, and that's what I did with these cream rattan tissues boxes I found on clearance at Homegoods for only $2 each. Repurposing the tissue box as the flower containers gave a modern look to these pink corsages I spotted on a clearance end-cap in Target. They were easy to make and a great add for under $16 for a bed & bath makeover . The same concept can be used to also make simple centerpieces for a tablescape - using a globe with water inside and fresh flowers.

Spotted at Goodwill

Easily, two floating shelves can add extra storage space above the WC, but in the meantime, relocating on of the homeowners pictures worked in the space.

2. GIVE FUNCTION TO A FORM: A metal thrifted jar for $3 holds everyday toiletries on the counter- making it easier for the homeowner to get to. It also gives a function to a decorative form on a small counter space.

  3. LAYER LIGHT IN A ROOM: Thrifted ceramic sconces for $2 helped layer light in the bedroom, without having the expense of an electrician.

Also spotted at Goodwill

Stylish jewelry storage in a refinished thrifted console - either use your own family treasures or shop thrift to create your own collection.

4.  ADD ORDER & SHINE WITH A TRAY: A $5 thrifted silver tray adds sparkle and also helps protect the thrifted consoles painted finish. The oval shape is also a nice feminine touch for a (single & in 60's) ladies bedroom.

Spotted at Out Of The Closet Thrift Shop

5. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: A pair of thrifted silver scalloped bowls, for only $5.99 for the pair, could easily be used as a decorative soap dish in a bathroom or candy dish in the living room - but on a nightstand, they give a pretty place to display personal strands of pearls. Displaying some of your jewelry in a space is a great way to personalize it, plus with pearls, gives a feminine touch.


The hammered glass hurricane to the left was another HomeGoods clearance find ($8) - and paired with a pierced tin flower pot from Ikea. It added a lacey detail in the space, without the frill (but after pic taken, I relocated it elsewhere in the room).

The savings from shopping thrift and clearance for accessories plus shopping thrift for the console and end tables, allowed for the splurge on the honey-comb glazed lamps ($60).

What frugal finds have you spotted lately?
Happy Thrifty Thursday!



  1. Thank you for providing this wealth of info. What great and easy ways to add elegance to a room often overlooked for having any special details. I think now I can go into the clearance and thrift with a new eye on how to use things:)

  2. Excellent tips and you've used each item so beautifully.

  3. Hi Lynda! I found your blog via Networked Blogs and I'm so happy that I did. I've been trying to connect with other thrifting bloggers (I write a thrifting blog too- mainly about the clothing, though.) I LOVE these tips! In particular, I love the picture of the drawer with the beautiful dishes/teacups that you used to hold jewelry. I am so glad to be following you!

  4. ha ha being a thrifty queen myself, I am in awe of your talent! Nothing gives me the pleasure that getting a bargain brings. I walked around my house the other day and realised that nearly all the things that I have on display are thrift shop finds. Recycling at it's best! I'm glad to find another thrift Queen like myself.

    It's good meeting you.


  5. Wow Lynda, I really enjoy browsing your site. You have a great eye and I'm motivated!! I also find wonderful buys at local auctions - have some fabulous pieces that have changed my entire interior over the last 10 years. Keep blogging - I look forward to what you're doing next!

  6. I love these special touches! I'm having a most difficult time with my bedroom...wish you were closer. :-) Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds!


  7. I love the jewelry storage! Very beautiful and creative.



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