Back in April, I had gone on a day trip to Key Largo with my friend Rebeca. While we were out exploring, I spotted this amazing mini shell stranded necklace in the most unlikely place - a popular drug store called CVS. We had popped in to there to pick up a Coke, water and a magazine on our way to the beach. The necklace is just too fabulous to hide away in a jewelry box, so besides wearing it with a summery outfit, I've also used it dress an urn in our summer style home...

Fab Find in an unlikely place - a drug store...

LOVE all the strands...

Works well for summer style...

And the shells added a bit of texture to
the white on white look for this old pitcher.
(I think it's over 10 years old & use to be black.)

I have some other shell necklaces I've used too - on the beach bottles...

It just goes to show, that you never know where your next fab find will be...

Always be aware.

What unexpected place did you ever spot a fab find??
A pet store? A candy shop? The grocery store?

Happy Summer!


  1. What a great necklace Lynda! I love how long it is. You really never know where you're going to find something!

  2. It IS a fabulous find! That is such a great idea to use it to decorate your home too so that it isn't relegated to the jewelry box when you don't have it on. It DOES look great on you.

  3. I saw a dandy lamp today in the Benjamin Moore Paint store -- I thought they just sold paint! Didn't buy it -- no where to put it. ;-(

  4. You definitely know how to find good deals!! i love it.What a creativity!

  5. I’ve found myself here several times before while searching various things. I appreciate the detailed articles you write, and in some cases this is the ONLY place I can even find them.



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