A few days ago, while on Olioboard working on a new project, I took a look at what board challenges they had going on. One challenge that caught my eye was to design a party room for Snooki (of Jersey Shore) and her friends. Although I'm not a fan of the show - Jersey Shore - out of curiosity (and hey - I AM from Jersey!!), I have seen it a few times, so I thought I'd have a go at this challenge.
About the contest:
"Snooki from Jersey Shore has just hired you to redesign her party room. Girl likes to get her groove on, so create a space fitting for her and her girlfriends to party the night away!

Consider it the "Halloween" of designing boards. On Halloween, we dress up in our inner selves for the day/nite. So for the board, I let out my inner Snooki - gaudy, gold and flashy. If I would have had some leopard to add to the board I would have - but it was like 2AM when I started creating it. The challenge actually started back on June 21, so I had some catching up to do. Thanks to the use of social media - posting the board to FB - my wall and pages (including SNooki's!) and tweeting about the contest - I've managed to catch up and get into FIRST place. But I'd like to STAY there and I'll need your help to do it!

After using Olioboard, I uploaded the board to picnik.com to
add a frame and text.

The great feature on Olioboard is that you're not limited to only the items on their site. You can upload your own images. After creating the main part of the board, I searched Google for some other images like Snooki herself - in the most appropriate dress for the board - LEOPARD! Along with a New Jersey gold charm - I cropped and added to the dance floor, and of course - Snooki's crown: Guidette Princess.

This IS actually a pretty good shot of Snooks...

Too funny!

These are some other boards in the contest:
Snooki's Night Party in second place with 15 votes
Snooki's Jersey Shore Party in third place with 14 votes.

So yes - please VOTE for my Gaudy in Gold Olioboard, currently in first with 17 votes. It's close and anything could happen in the next few hours.
As of midnight, there is /was 17 hours left to vote.

Shortly, I'll share some of the (real) boards I've been working on for an upcoming project, and also post the reveal of the bedroom renovation. Hope everyone enJOYed their long weekend and celebrating the 4th! Thanks for visiting and thanks for voting!!




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