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Hey everyone & Happy Monday!I I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend - with friends family and projects! For this Monday's Moodboard Monday, I'm kicking off the collaborative blogger feature happening over at Olioboard. I was invited to join a team of 5 bloggers, plus the Olioboard co-founder Sheilah MacSporran to bring you the Coastal Cottage Challenge. Each of us bloggers selected a room in a cottage to design and a day of the week to post about it. In seven days you'll be seeing seven completely different takes on Coastal Cottage Style. I can’t wait to see what we all come up with!

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So come follow the team along and together we'll learn some tips and tricks for pulling off this sea side look and building your own board on Olioboard. The room I selected was the Studio / Library, but my coast I had in mind when designing my board was someplace in Europe - think the coast of England... (click board to enlarge image)

by Lynda Quintero-Davids

One of the applications I enjoying using on Oliobaord is the ability to upload your own images. This is great because you can easily add your inspiration images to your board, which really helps to set the "mood" for it. I tend to use my inspirational images off to the left, and then build the rest of the board with the items I'd select for the space. For this Studio / Library, I imagined more of a workspace for an upcoming fashion designer. The ikat print of the sofa relates to the Tudor style exterior of the cottage. Lighting is important, so this studio would have a mix of overhead lighting for the work space, lamps on the desk and within the conversation area, and hangman-like scaffold light fixtures grazing the textured walls. Bookcases are a must and they would anchor the space as the focal point, running along the back wall. Turned leg style furnishings would mix with functional clean line pieces for an eclectic coastal mix. Adding to the coastal style would be the rustic reclaimed timber floors. A mix of black and white patterns would add playful sophistication creating a chic cottage studio.

For the above board, I created a "board within a board", to be able to show the elements used set as a room, but you can still get a sense of the mood. Below is the smaller board within the board...

If the studio / library were for a painter, I'd include more mobile bookcases and industrial pieces for the space, like etegers on casters and rustic wooden carts for side tables. Less textiles would be used in the space, but storage baskets could hold them, (like extra pillows or throws for a chill). Ladders and lighting again would be important to use in the space. Although still with its rustic charm, a chrome sawhorse glass top desk would add some shimmer and shine to reflect light in the space. The stone walls would be painted white, and be used to showcase the painters creations in the studio. And not all storage would be open. I'd also include some concealed storage with a rustic buffet, that would be weather worn and covered in multiple layers of dripped paint. A slipcovered sofa would make for easy clean-up... or on a whim, the painter could create a pattern of her own...

I hope you enjoyed my tour of boards for the Studio / Library in my version of coastal style. Be sure to stop by and check out tomorrows cottage room: The Home Office designed by Lindsay over on her blog  Living With Lindsay. Lindsay is a DIYer and home decor crafter with a zeal for budget decorating. She’ll see a great item in a store or online and create it at a fraction of the cost. If you’re creative hands are itching for a great project, follow Lindsay. She’ll point you in the right direction and give you all kinds of tips to help you out.

And don't forget to stop by Olioboard to make some of your own boards. They have a great assortment of shops on their site for you to create the room of your dreams. You can create sets of some of your favorite items, follow other board moodboard members, or even join in on some board challenges. It's a great site - fun and easy to use. I love it!

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  1. Hi Lynda, Great post and fantastic designs. I particularly like the painter's studio. Definitely a space I could make use of. :) Thanks for a great kick-start to this challenge. Can't wait to see all the finished designs. Sheilah

  2. You create the best boards. These are beautiful. I don't think I can choose a favorite. I see elements in each that I just love. Great job, Lynda! What a fun challenge and great team of favorite bloggers! :)

  3. Thanks Sheilah and Roeshel! It was a fun challenge!

    xo Lynda

  4. Hey Lynda, I am trying to source the painting in your board. Could you help me out? : ) Lovely....



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