Moodboard Monday - Artist Studio Concepts

To start getting inspired for the moodboard feature at Olioboard next week, I came up with these moodboard designs. Since the space I picked to do is a "Studio / Library", I've been think along the lines on an artist or a designer's studio. We voted on three styles to create our boards in: A NY Penthouse, A Farmhouse, and Coastal Cottage (which won) - but before doing the actual board in Coastal Cottage, I came up with a few concepts for the other styles. Part of my design process I enjoy doing is working through at least three concepts: The "I wish", the "Safe & Specific" and a "Combination of them all". Although I''ll still do one final to post next Monday, here's some concepts I've done so far - to view larger, just click board, or to view details of items on the board, click the link below each board...

BTW: Here is the updated schedule for the Olioboard
7 Days 7 Bloggers 7 Olioboards upcoming feature at Oliobaord:

Monday - August 15

Tuesday - August 16
Home Office
Wednesday - August 17
Living Room
Thursday - August 18
Friday - August 19
Dining Room

(They didn't want to post during the weekend - so 7 Days skips back to Monday)
Monday - August 22
Patio/front porch
Tuesday - August 23
Wednesday - August 24
We all do a summary post.

Stop by Olioboard to check out the boards, and also stop by the blogs to ready more about the details behind the boards.

It was my Birthday this past Saturday, and since our gated community had a Garage Sale this weekend, we participated in it - but turned it into a Birthday Bash & Trash Sale - I'll be posting about tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cool boards! Olioboard is on my list to use and get comfortable with.

  2. Your concept boards look most professional -- you should do well in the show! But wow, what a time commitment. Happy Birthday! Mine is next week but the house sale isn't until Labor Day. Funny how we're all having similar ideas. Thanks for stopping by. Jane F.

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Great boards, Lynda ~ I think my fave is the Cottage Chic. :)
    Enjoy your Monday!
    Heidi @ Show some Decor



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