Clearing Clutter & Garage Sale Prep

About two years ago, I put together my first garage sale. I had one other since than, and this weekend, I'm getting ready to do it again. Usually, when I do a closet purge, I'll make my donations to our local Goodwill, but our gated community decided to have a garage sale this coming weekend.

Donate or shop at Goodwill.

I've been hitting all the storage spots throughout the house like buffets and ottomans. Yesterday, I tackled the garage and my clothing. I tried on all my clothes, and if it didn't fit anymore, and I'm "really" not going to wear it even if it did - away to the garage it went.  I switched out back black hangers for store or dry cleaning hangers, and the hubs is bringing home a rack, but maybe for something like JEANS, I'll fan them out of the table with a sign and price point.

Great finishes
(and "once-upon-a-time" sizes 0-3!)
Great for Back To School shopping for your kids.

Getting all these items pulled together days before the sale also helps to know how many tables or bins I would need. Hubs can borrow tables from work, and I'll just cover with a sheet. Today, I'm clearing out the last two closets: home decor and the office. Friday, I'd like to get up in the attic - I think there is an extra pre-lit tree up there and I'll put up some of the Spring / Easter decor that has been lingering in the garage. I'd also like to price everything and pre-set the tables inside the garage to make it easier to just pull out Saturday morning. And last night, I pulled together plastic bags for shoppers to take their haul in =)

I think I also spotted in the garage some plastic furniture covers
to keep handy - just in case of rain from hurricane Emily.

Getting oraganized and keeping it pulled together in one location.

Along with clothing like jeans, jackets, tops and dresses will be a 4ft. Christmas tree, some chairs, 22x28 picture frames, desk top frames, decorative antique clock, candles & holders, a few dishes, table linens, window panels, pillows, some home decor, lamps & shades, garden trellis, 4 large (new) paper lanterns, new (modern) bathroom sink facet & towel bars, shower curtains, cookbooks, albums and scapbooking papers & decals (I never really got into scrapbookng). I'm sure since it's so HOT out, the hubs will set the cooler up to sell ice cold bottled water too.

This is not how I'd like to spend my Birthday, but it is when the gated community has the once a year permit for the Garage Sale... and hey - the money made can help pay a bill or two =) Besides, a free Gallery Walk will be happening next weekend in the Design District, and they'll have all those new food trucks people are raving about we can try (without breaking the budget).

Garage Sale 2009

If you're in South Florida, and enjoy garage sale-ing, email me at,
and I can give you (non-Anonymus) more info. The gated community has maybe 700+ homes & townhomes in it. I don't know who else is participating (other than my direct neighbors), but I'm sure there will be plenty to choose from in here.

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  1. I really need to do this too, Lynda! Way to go - your organization is admirable and an inspiration! Maybe once I get this one last party hosted this coming weekend, I can get started! Good luck!

  2. I hope your sale is a wonderful success! They are so much work, but it feels wonderful afterwards to know that you have gotten rid of so much "stuff".

  3. I really need to get down with a garage sale myself. I have soooo much stuff to get rid of, especially my closet. Good luck on your garage sale :)

  4. Thanks Roeshel, Mel and Marilyn!! Yes - it's been a lot of work to get together, but I can't WAIT to feel wonderful afterwards knowing it's both gone and it helped someone with their space or wardrobe!! xo

    Maybe next August we could all get together and have a GARAGE SALE LINK-UP & Tweet day!

    :D Lynda



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