New Moodboard Monday Series: Promos & Challenges at Olioboard

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your summer weekend - shopping, camping, tubing, or working on a fun DIY project! Thankfully the rain was on pause here, so I got to get out in the backyard garden for a bit. But Friday, I was honored to have received an invite to participate in an upcoming promo happening over at - Seven Bloggers, Seven Days, Seven Amazing Mood board Designs. Over the weekend, some of the seven bloggers chosen for the promo selected which room each would create a board design for, as well as voted on one style we would all use. The styles we voted on were NY Penthouse (of course my number one choice!), a Farmhouse Renovation, and Coastal Cottage. And the winning vote between the bloggers was Coastal Cottage.

The promo is geared towards bloggers helping to promote the great and easy uses of the Olioboard website, plus it's a way to help drive traffic to our blogs. The bloggers participating are:

Rhoda of SouthernHospitality blog
Lindsay of LivingWithLindsay blog
Kristi of AddictedToDecorating blog
Shannon of WhatsUpWhimsy blog
myself and the initiator of the promo from the Olioboard blog, Sheilah.

I'll have some more info shortly, but from what we discussed (via emails) this weekend, the week long promo so far looks like this:

C O A S T A L   C O T T A GE

Lynda - Studio / Library - Monday Aug. 15

Lindsay Home Office - Tuesday Aug. 16

Rhoda - Living Room - Wednesday Aug. 17

Kristi - Bedroom - Thursday Aug. 18

Shannon - Dining Room - Friday Aug. 19

Design a mood board featuring the details to be used in a space...

or design a room board with the items set as the space.

I joined Olioboard sometime last year, and it's been not only a great site to use as a tool for visual presentations to help clients visualize their space, it has also been a place to join in some creative challenges. Some of the board challenges have been sponsored by a vendor at the site (like the Frontgate Pet Design Challenge), and some are challenges submitted by Olioboard users. Last month a user submitted her own personal design dilemmas and so far this month, other challenges have been:

A Dorm Life Challenge
A Basement Challenge
A Rock Star Penthouse Design Challenge
and a
Lady GaGa Bedroom Design Challenge

Although the challenges can be just for fun, they are also a great way to
challenge your imagination and creativity. Currently, I posted two boards I recently made for the Lady GaGa Bedroom Challenge, and one board in the Dorm Life challenge (I actually had created last year). Click on the links below each image to go vote, view other boards and challenges, or create a board of your own.

Lady GaGa Bedroom Challenge
(currently in second place - thanks to your votes!!)

Lady GaGa bedroom Challenge

Olioboard Dorm Life Challenge

When you vote, just click the "+" sign in the heart on the boards.
There are only two more days left for voting! So please stop be and vote now!
While you're at Olioboard, take a look around at all the creativity happening there.

I'll share more info and updates on Monday's during a Moodboard Monday's series
I'll be featuring this month.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This looks like fun -- I will get back to it, definitely.

  2. If you liked this site why don't you try they have mood board and stuff on there too, really easy to use.

  3. Thanks for stopping by - I have tried and even, but IMO, Olioboard is easier to use - easy to find items, easy to save items to sets, easy to edit and easy to share... Now they even have an app similar to Pinerest - You can build your saved items from items you spot while on the net.

    The only app I wish they did have is the ability to add text to the boards =)

    xo Lynda



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