Somewhere between the months of April to July, I get into a coastal state of mind. When I do, I like decorating with starfish I've collected from our travels. As I was taking them down this year, to pack up and put away for next Summer, I thought I'd share some places I've used starfish in our home. If you live near a coast or enjoy a coastal look all year long, starfish are a great choice to use. They can be strung as a garland, painted and hung as wall art, add texture to a tablescape, or even jazz up your bottles or vases...

I spotted these two pretty pics of starfish decor, but it was before I started pinning...

Recently, while pinning, I did spot this beautiful starfish wall art pinned by Caron White...

For more of Caron's Coastal pins, check out her boards on Pinterest.

When I pack up my shells & starfish, I usually use Ziploc bags for the small clusters of shells, and wrap others in newspaper, and stack stars in between. I store them in plastic totes out in the garage... until next summer season.

Living in South Florida, you'd think I'd have shells and starfish out all the time... But I guess because I come from up north, I like to recreate the seasons in our home with decor and color, since it's pretty season-less outside. The one coastal treasure I do like to keep out year round is coral - because of its organic detail.

What are some ways you decorate with starfish?

Bye-Bye Summer... Autumn is knocking at the door :-)

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  1. So pretty! I love the two starfish on the front of the rectangular storage basket!

  2. I love the idea of simply sticking starfish on top of vases..., actually have that in my files for a post about creative and unique ideas for starfish.



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