Coastal Cottage Moodboard Challenge Wrap-Up

Even though many of us are packing up our summer details to get ready for Fall, many people still love, live, and admire Coastal Cottage style! And most recently, I was invited to participate in a collaboration with six other bloggers and Olioboard, to create roomboards representing our take on Coastal Cottage style. We each selected a room, and it's interesting to see how an entire home could be created from the looks we styled. Here are the bloggers, their boards, and my boards too:

The Coastal Cottage Studio / Library

Roomboards by (me!) Lynda - blog author of

I had imagined the studio was for either a fashion designer or for a painter. I really enjoy the flexibility for creativity Olioboard offers - so I made two boards. Your can read more about the details for them at my Coastal Cottage Challenge post. Click link below each board to read aboiut each bloggers board as well...

The Coastal Cottage Home office

Roomboard by Lindsay - blog author of

The Coastal Cottage Bedroom

Roomboard by Kristi - blog author of

The Coastal Cottage Dining Room

Roomboard by Shannon - blog author of

The Coastal Cottage Living Room

Roomboard by Rhoda - blog author of

The Coastal Cottage Front Porch

Roomboard by Rachel - Online Editor at

The final board is being posted today at the Olioboard blog

The Coastal Cottage Kitchen
Roomboard by Sheilah - Co-Founder of
Olioboard and Olioboard's blog author

It was a fun collaboration of bloggers, and getting to see every one's different perspective and spin on Coastal Cottage style. I hope seeing all their boards helped inspired you to head over to Olioboard to design a roomboard of your own. You can use it to pull together your thoughts for autumn or holiday decorating, a room makeover, or even use Olioboard to plan your next tablescape or party event.

 Are you already using Olioboard? What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Lynda! We just found your blog via Fresh Home Magazine's blog post about the Olioboard challenge. We love your chic black and white theme! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to keeping up with your work!!

  2. Hey Lynda, Just wanted to say thanks again for participating in this challenge. I hope you had fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs on Olioboard. :)

  3. These are really good. I get so frustrated when using Olioboard. I need to get with it.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. First time to your blog....I'm trying to track down the source for the paintings in your board....Thanks!

  5. Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post.



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