Around Town: A Visit to the Phoenix Art Museum

Living in a new area lends itself to a host of new places to go explore. I don't only always thrift or shop; I also very much enjoy going to museums. One museum in particular in our new area that caught my attention is the Phoenix Art Museum. Although one level of three was closed for an installation last Friday, Jeff and I saw still so many wonderful installations on exhibit. One I've been looking forward to for quite a while was the Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit.

I think Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant architect - brilliant beyond his time - so much so that one of his works (many UNBUILT) was an Urban Plan for what is now the City of Phoenix Arizona. Because much of the Frank Lloyd Wright work on display was donated by private owners and the FLW Foundation, I wasn't able to take many photos. But if you are in the Phoenix area - or your metropolitan museum is going to be exhibiting Frank Lloyd Wright... it's a must see!

Frank Lloyd Wright's model of a MILE HIGH BUILDING, Chicago 1956
(A bit of time before the Twin Towers were conceived) and also very uncharacteristic of his work. I was a little surprised to have seen this at the exhibit entrance because he had a problem with the skyscraper. He once called it an, ''Incongruous mantrap of monstrous dimensions!'' Many of his structures worked with the landscape, "land-hugging" and mostly designed with the division of horizontal planes in mind. FLW was so detailed, that even the vertical mortar was painted the color of the bricks of a home he designed in Chicago.

Another level of the museum had several contemporary works on display. One amazing display of color with only the use of paper was an installation created from 1.4 million pieces of paper. Cool colors on one side, and warm color on the other...

Some other art on exhibit...

A nice surprise: we were just in time to also explore a relatively NEW exhibit installation in the Fashion Gallery. Inspired by the Sea, this exhibit showcased pieces from a chronological display of Vogue + Bazaar covers, to a Chanel bathing suit, to a vintage Prada dress to even beautiful accessories created from shells... All were set in a space painted in a vibrant turquoise blue - reminiscent of the sea... I was in heaven!

Loved and looking forward to checking out future events like first Fridays! 
Speaking of Fridays... since we had gone on a Friday, we first stopped for lunch in Downtown Phoenix at Food Truck Friday. Yum!

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  1. Awesome photos, Lynda! This museum will definitely go onto my 'must do' list for my next trip to Phoenix. I'm a lifelong fan of FLW & would love to see this exhibit. The fashion exhibit looks incredible too!

  2. Wow, great photos. Thanks for sharing.



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