Although many posts have been created on the Internet lately about Pinterest, another up and coming site gaining popularity is Olioboard. Whether you're a homeowner looking to pull together a look for your new home, a mom trying to update your homes look on a budget, or even a designer pulling together a 2D or 3D concept board for your client, Olioboard is quickly gaining notoriety as the "go to site" to create an online vision board. Since I joined Olioboard in the beginning, I've had the opportunity to learn the tools offered on the site, and participated in and won a few challenges along the way. Just as my home and fashion style has changed, so to have my board presentations. Lately, I've been more focused on utilizing the site to create 3D concept boards.  For Mondays during the month of March, I'd like to share with you not only my boards I've done, but I'd like to also tips & tricks I've learned, along with feature some wonderful boards created by the Olioboard community. It's been fun to see even some friends of mine also join the site, and seeing how they too have evolved their style along the way.
My latest boards, merging fashion + decor in 3D...


I married a Spanish style interior mixed with global textiles + Zinc Door accessories and inspired by the gorgeous maxi dresses of Rachel Zoe: Maxi Zinc Resort

One of the things I like about Olioboard, besides the text tools + privacy settings, you can also duplicate an existing board, make a few changes and play with a new look. After I first created the board above, I had added only text. Duplicating the board allowed me to try a different look, adding in the room coordinating outfit for Fashion + Decor: Fashion Function.

My first board, layering finishes + accessories in 2D


This 2D style board is great for homeowners to get a glimpse of color + texture pairings. It's a great quick way to start organizing the style process. Another means of planning out a color story for a home is creating a board with a colorline...


This colorline board could be used to help plan seasonal color changes in a home, or plan color pairing for two or three rooms. it can become a home style vision board or be a guide of what to shop for in the future.


Inspired by the crisp white modern architecture you'd see in Miami, I created a luxe outdoor living space for lounging. More crisp white of the furnishings - a canopy bed + lounge chairs and drum styled accent tables pop with vibrant textiles from Zinc Door and Trina Turk. Repeating minimal elements represent order and the diversified MIAMI LUXE style..


Creating the 3D boards takes a little more time because of scale and angles to consider. If you're short on time and would like a board created for your home, product line or store - I can help. Contact me at

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If you'd like to see video or read some of the latest buzz about Olioboard, you can click any of the links below:

on Mashables
on Nate Berkus Show
on the Today Show

And stop by Olioboard to vote in several of the exciting & creative challenges they have going on this week... One of which is a great Spring Challenge sponsored by Zinc Decor. here's a peek at four current challenges, which will be ending on March 13...

Describe your Style Design Challenge
above board created by user: redadie

Mid Century Modern Design Challenge
above board by user zemandesigns

As asked by her daughter, the above board created by user: selmahammerdesigns

Fashion and Decor Design Challenge


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  1. Holy Fab Blog Post Batman! Thanks for including my Under the Sea Board! You rock Batman! I'm your number one fan. Love the post and your boards. You are truly an olioboard master.



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