Welcoming Spring With a Garden Container Outdoor Entry

When we moved into our townhome in Florida, I learned about container gardening. It was a great solution to add color to our house front or patio, without having to dig into the not so soft ground (mostly coral rock). Over the years in Florida, I had grown and nurtured several plants, but because of state laws, I was unable to take any of the plants with me when we moved here to Arizona. Although I gave away most of my plants to friends and family, I did keep several of the containers. Refreshing the containers with a quick cleaning and a fresh coat of paint helped spare the expense of having to start totally all over again... All I needed to do was invest in a few flowering plants to give our now stacked stone stoop a shot of color for Spring.

Even though I don't have the same front landscape, I am still keeping true to my style reusing lanterns as planters, and using rich pinks and purples... which also transition well into summer. Here's a peek back at some container gardening I did back at our FL townhome from Springs past...

Reusing my Winter / Fall branches (now 2 years old) by simply wrapping with faux blossoms from Michael's helped give height to the stoop entrance and frame the door. Last Spring, I also wrapped the branches w/blossoms, but I had them inside our living room (for Fall, I've hot glued fall leaves to the branches). I only bought 4 blossom sprays, at $4.99 each - BUT they were 50% off! (woo-hoo!) Again, this was a great way to save money, but still create a welcoming spring entrance on a budget. I had seen two beautiful and tall jasmine topieries also at Home Depot, but they were $20 each.

Reusing what I had:
2 large lanterns (@ $20 ea.) refreshed black
2 small lanterns (@ @12 ea) refreshed black
2 large containers (@ $18 ea) refreshed ORB + black
2 terracotta pots (@ $7 ea) refreshed gold
2 bamboo detailed post (@ $8 ea) refreshed semi-gloss black
2 small basket weave posts (@ $6 ea) used as riser
2 small containers inside lanterns (@ $.99 ea) just cleaned
Golden Egg Wreath (thrift + diy LY) repaired + refreshed antique gold
2 large urns (free & previously used in LR or DR) just cleaned
2 outdoor pink metal garden bunnies (@ $7 ea) refreshed in white (but need to do gold)
branches - found on side of the road 2 years ago in FL
green moss for filler - reused from Easter tablescapes LY
simple season less doormat - just cleaned
wiped down front door, railing & light fixture w/Old English furniture polish
wiped off scuffs from front step w/Magic Erase
approx. $160 savings

Plants invested in:
2 Bougainvillea @ 8.88 ea
2 Pinks @ 3.98 ea
2 purple daisies @ 3.98 ea
2 batches of mini white flowers split into 4 pots  @ 4.98 ea batch
4 faux blossom sprays at Michael's on sale @ 2.50 ea
approx $55 seasonal garden investment

If you're renting, like we are, floral filled outdoor containers are a great little Spring Spruce-up for outside, to welcome family home with color, as well as say "Happy Spring!" to your neighborhood. This weekend is the perfect weekend for your outdoor Spring Spruce-ups because you can save even more money shopping at Home Depot's annual SPRING BLACK FRIDAY event!

Happy Spring and thanks for visiting!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Always enjoy reading your posts, and I absolutely love the flowers with the lanterns! Lanterns are on the list of things to get for my front porch, and this totally makes me want them even more! looks so beautiful! ~Bre

  2. Linda, your Spring stoop looks fabulous! The bright flowers against the black containers loo great!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Happy Spring!

    xo Lynda

  4. Looks beautiful!

  5. SO beautiful! I'm so ready for spring but there are a few weeks of potential frost hanging around. Your entry is so welcoming!

  6. Great blog, informative and up to date. Bookmarking your page. Thanks and more power!

  7. Lovely! You do wonderful work! Thanks...

  8. This is beautiful-following from TDC-stop over for a visit!

  9. Beautiful job!
    I would love for you to stop by and link this up to my Creative inspirations Party happening NOW! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. What a beautiful front porch!!! I adore your accents and flowers!

  11. Your porch is beautiful! Lovely combination of colors. I am an Arizonan also and know how hard it can be to keep things pretty in the heat. You have done a great job.

  12. Lovely porch. Where did you find the largest container in your photo? Thank you!

    1. The two large urns are old window display props from a store I use to work at. They are made of fiberglass, so they are lighter than they look plus easy to paint!

  13. Great blog, informative and up to date. Bookmarking your page. Thanks and more power! :-)
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