Video Tutorial: How to Create a 3D Room Design on Olioboard

Whether you're a homeowner looking to create your own 3D room-board concept, or you're a designer new to use Olioboard, Sheilah, the CEO + co-founder of, created a fantastic tutorial to teach you how. Even if you've been using Olioboard to create room designs, her tips and explanation of the tools are a huge help. After watching the video, pop over to Olioboard to see the completed board at Sheilah (aka smacsporran) created. It's a great example of using pops of bright colors in a space...

WATCH the video Tutorial here.
Visit Olioboard to view board & leave Sheilah a comment here.

While you're at Olioboard, sign-up to tryout the Pro-Tools. They are a great add to your roomboards, and you can utilize the tools from month o month for only $8.99 a month.

View Olioboard PRO-Plan here.

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