SPRING TREND THRIFTING? Check out: 50% OFF Goodwill of Central Arizona this Saturday!

Yes! You read right! At a time when everyone is pinching a penny or nickel & diming everything, Goodwill of Central Arizona is going to help! This Saturday from 9AM to 9PM ALL merchandise (except food and beverages), including current color tags, will be discounted 50 percent! What an incredible opportunity to shop for some kids summer camp clothes, some new-to-you home textiles, or even refresh your wardrobe for Spring! Here's a few tips to take advantage of the Goodwill sale:

And shopping thrift is not all worn cheap goods - if you hunt with a list, know what the major retailers are selling items for, stay focused and true to your style or fit, you can add value to your wardrobe or home by shopping thrift. How? Because you can get the same quality brand names for a fraction of their retail cost because they are second hand. Since today is Thursday, and the 50% off Goodwill of Central AZ Sale is Saturday, you have time to take a moment to make that list. If you also have the time, I'd suggest clearing out closets or the garage so you do not duplicate something you already have, and only buy what you need.

Great Spring / Summer Trends to thrift hunt for:
B&W Prints
B&W Stripes
Boyfriend Jeans
Straw Totes
Tribal Style

Goodwill: A GREAT place to shop for JEANS!!
(Go for the loose boyfriend style!)

When I recently reorganized our closets here for Spring (to be posted), I noticed I was missing a hot trend, but also a key essential to my wardrobe: A white blazer. I had seen a few on Pinterest for inspiration, I breezed through a few of my fave online retailers to see what they were pricing for (or IF they even had them in stock yet!), and noticed in my closet, I own an overwhelming selection of black blazers (LOVE them!! with jeans, leggings or maxi dresses!) but I did not have a white blazer. I use to have one in FL, but I had donated it because after three years + a few dry cleanings, it had gotten discolored.

Create an updated outfit from thrift + your closet!
Read more about: STRIPES ON STRIPES

TRY it before you buy it!

Staying focused on only seeking Spring trends that fit your style (like for me it was the white blazer, a straw bag, and / or wedges) you will be able to scoop up these finds for a FRACTION of what retailers would be selling them for... plus, shopping at your local AZ Goodwill stores, you will also be able to help create jobs for local Arizonians!

Thrift Tip for even more value: Try to look for items that can perform double duty. I'm always chilly, so I've acquired quite a few great wraps and pashminas. But I don't only use them in my wardrobe. Wraps can be used for banding on furniture (even use a scarf or table runner) or they can also be used to add a banded layer of pattern at the foot of your bed. Read more here of my: Tips For Shopping Thrift.


1. CHECK your closet first.

2. CREATE a list of what your looking for.

3. Stay FOCUSED on your list.

4. KNOW before you go: check prices at online retailers.

5. MAP out a route of the thrifts in your area to hit Saturday. 

6. BE SURE to have hand sanitizer in the car or your purse.
(been using & saying this for years!)

7. KEEP extra totes, blankets and / or a cord in trunk for larger items (like glass or a table).

8. DONATE your unused goods before you shop.  Drop off donations in a pillowcase (to save a bag).

9. PAY it forward - if you're finding too many deals - split your haul and hand it off to someone else in the shop. It can really bring a smile to their face :)

10. TRY before you buy - This isn't JCP. These sales ARE final.

Above all: HAVE FUN! Shop with a friend or use it as budget (retail) therapy! Again - this SALE is for Central Arizona Goodwill Thrift stores THIS SATURDAY from 9AM to 9PM. A great way to spruce up your home or wardrobe for Spring - and SAVE 50% off all merchandise (excluding food & beverage). And regardless of shopping the sale or not: Don't hesitate to try before you buy: remember, this isn't JCPenney - these sales are final. And maybe before heading into Goodwill TO shop, drop off some of those homegoods or clothing you know you're not going to wear or use anymore... Someone new WILL at Goodwill.

BTW: While you're in that thrifty mood Saturday - Don't forget to also pass by your local ACE Hardware to pick up your FREE quart of their NEW Clark & Kensington paint! I HIGHLY recommend it! (Offer available at SELECT Ace Hardware stores 3/24 AND 3/31.)

Thanks for stopping by!
Have FUN thrifting!!


  1. Love to shop at my GW. I just made a huge haul this past week and Tuesday is also 25% off Senior Day. Az. does have some great GW stores. Hugs, Marty.

  2. I have been waiting for this sale all week long!!! Just a few more days.

  3. Lynda you have such an eye. I never would have thought to shop at the Good Will. You look so cute in the picture. Sexy you!!



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