6 Tips, Tricks & Transformations for Renters Decor

It's hard to believe, but six months ago, we found out we would be moving out of the state of Florida across the country to Arizona. Within that time, we managed to prep our townhome to sell, search for a new place to dwell, plan + replan + adapt a plan to our new place, pick paint colors, update lighting fixtures, utilize thrift for refreshed decor in our new place, and create fresh arrangements with existing pieces used in new ways. Since so many people have shifted from home owners to renters, I thought I'd group together the posts I've shared with our rental experiences. I don't believe that just because we're renting, we should be living out of packed & stored boxes in the garage. I still wanted to create a comfortable home environment for us. With a little effort, it is possible. Here's a recap with link backs to the previous posts of transforming our rental space into our new home. Hopefully these tips can be helpful & inspiring to you if you too are a renter... or about to become one.

Photos + Measurements = Multiple furniture plans
(and after actually being "in" the space, even those plans changed - so be adaptable)

(Yes - you CAN paint: you don't have to live in boring white walls. All you have to do is ask + other ideas to transform your rental house to your home)

(good read for anyone looking to refresh their space with paint)

(switch a track + cans for spots + pendants, switch a builder chandy for an updated drum, save the ceiling fan - just switch the light kit)

(dealing with the challenge of  imagining new walls with existing pictures)

(Not enough existing window panels in the length you need? Try thrift!)

The posts above are a collection of previous posts... Below are a few I'm working to post shortly. I don't know about you, but it's actually taking longer to edit pics for posts because of wanting to ensure the add of picture identification or watermarks due to Pinterest - but grateful for the pins!!

Coming Soon:

Coming up:
Renting: Restyling a New Office With Thrift

Coming up:
Old Thrift - New Look: A Skirted Buffet


Coming up:
Renting: A New Closet Needs New Arrangement

Coming Up:
Just added:

Are you a renter or a home owner?
What are some decor tips you've learned while renting?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm renting currently and one litte one is to make your own DIY spice rack by cutting dowels and inserting in a kitchen drawer. Cheap and effective.

    I also found a great coffee table food book by Chef Alain Ducasse at thrift shop for $2.50 and cut out great food photgraphy and put in matted black frames for dining room. $32.50 for six picture!

  2. Yay! Thrift! Thanks for sharing David!!
    :D Lynda

  3. Even though I am not renting, your ideas and so refreshing and your rooms are so stylish without spending an inordinate amount of money! You show us that you can have a stylish living area and personalize it instead of settling for cookie cutter room in a box stores! You rock, Linda! Love your style and all your ideas! Ana

  4. Great ideas and inspiring pictures!

  5. Great ideas and inspiring pictures!

  6. Great post, thanks so much for sharing! Welcome to AZ!!! In a few months I hope you aren't too scared off by the heat! I am from Chicago, but nine years later I am still not use to the heat! I look forward to hearing about your new adventure in AZ and maybe some local cool places/finds that you write about that I can actually visit too... although, like your recent move... we may be relocating to Los Angeles/Pasadena area for my hubby's job... life is currently in limbo, but if we move there, we may be renting, so your article was very appropriate for me. Great stuff as always!!! Welcome to the Valley!

  7. Very inspiring, I am a renter and would love to paint my boring beige walls but they have a texture to them. Any suggestions.



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