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Thank you so very much for once again coming through with your votes! Just by you taking the time, once, daily, or even a few times, you've helped another of my board entries not only make it to the top 3... But it held on to FIRST PLACE for the most recent Olioboard room board design challenge: Fashion + Decor. I know many other more popular bloggers have done this "runway to  room" concept, but this wasn't just about the runway. I utilized the challenge to challenge myself to showcase to you my experience and ability to apply what I learned working in retail: working with all different types of customers - of various ages, genders, ethnicity's. I learned and understand a lot about lifestyles. Sometimes when we were setting new shops, I'd create little stories behind the cloths, about the person who would wear them and where. A friend termed them as "Lynda-isms".

My entry from the Olioboard

The story being the board: This board was at first inspired by the Barret Jacckson Auto show Jeff & I went to back in February. Then, I incorporated my appreciation of Ralph Lauren style. Knowing that Ralph Lauren has used automobiles as his inspiration for some of his clothing lines, I kept that inspiration in mind to design & style the room boards. Fabrics mixed are both  rich wools and flannels, paired with masculine patterns and tufted leather. The crisp edge came from pairing these flat finish textiles with the shine of polished chrome, stainless steel and  glass.

At Olioboard, I created two separate boards, but with the same inspirations in mind: a man and his car.  To create my lifestyle board, I placed both of the boards onto one and added the fashions that were the textile inspiration for the rooms. I finished the boards using the new ProPlan text tool (yay!) now offered at Olioboard. This is just another way I've combined utilizing my retail background + design experience + lifestyle understanding to present to you. And I greatly appreciate the response of your votes!

Another masculine lifestyle board, but for the more rugged - outdoor man.
Where above NYC was in mind, below was more inspired by my new local of Arizona:

A few other lifestyle boards I created, combining Fashion + Decor,
but in 3D vs. the above shown 2D are:

 If you get a chance today or over the weekend, stop by Olioboard to vote on so many other boards entered in the ZincDoor Spring Contest. I'm not in that contest, but many friends are. One of the most recent entries is a fave from a friend in Miami:



Thanks again for taking the time to vote for my Fashion + Decor board....
Metropolitan Man.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy March Moodboard Madness!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lynda + your support on my Olioboard Miami Condo Colorsplash livingroom, and Congrats on your win !! :)

  2. You're very welcome Ana!! Thank you tooo!! xo




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