Apply a REsolution: Tackle your Home Office

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We're fourteen days into the new year. Rememeber those design resolutions? Have you attempted any of them? Have you looked at your home spaces and reduced any clutter? Have you repurposed any unused space? Have you repurposed any unused items or transformed them into something new?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Why not start at the core of home clutter: The Home Office.

Many people now-a-days are working from home or the space has multi uses. The convenience of working from home can quickly turn a home office into a nightmare of clutter, distraction, and an unhealthy work-life balance if you don’t keep your productivity under control. What do you need your space for? Creativety?  Accounting? Journalism? Narrow down what the space is used for. Then apply some of these quick tips and best practices, so you can help ensure your home office is as efficient as you need it to be, for YOU.

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5 Quick tips to help set your space at home:

1. Set aside a space: Create a designated area, preferably a room, to be your workspace, with good light, ventilation, and storage. If the space is needed for multiple tasks (ex: scrapbooking, kids projects, AND office: create ZONES within the area).

2. Invest in a good chair: Get a mesh backed or leather chair to support your back. Consider how many you will need based on how many use the space. Good deals can be found online at

3. Highlight your accomplishments and inspirations: Surround yourself with the things you’ve done — diplomas, important photographs, and other reminders of your success. Keep an inspiration board with trends, styles, people and quotes you most admire. The board can be as simple as a bulletin or dry erase board, or something you can create with paint like a magnet or chalk board painted directly to the wall or paint an oversized canvas.

4. Create a bright and cheerful environment: Make your home office cheerful to avoid stress and stay happy throughout the day. Color choice is key here. Your inspiration board can be a creative focal point from your perspective in the room (meaning place it where you will look at it the most).

5. Keep things clean: A tidy desk will help control stress and keep you more productive. Put away everything you don’t really need. Storage boxes, bins and totes will help keep clutter under control.

All three above ideas in my

5 Quick tips to help you stay organization, efficient, and productive:

1. Keep a calendar: Stay on top of what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.

2. Designate days for tasks: Do certain things on specific days to stay on track.

3. Keep lists: Keep lists that detail daily tasks, hopeful tasks, and anytime tasks. Refer to it throughout the day to keep yourself on track. As for paperwork: act on, file, or purge to help reduce office clutter.

4. Write things down: Write everything down right as you think of it. Keep notes handy: You never know when you'll be inspired, so keep a notepad or journal handy. Keep one in your purse or car as well.

5. Keep files: Simple files you’ll actually use will help minimize clutter. If a subject has too many files, group together in a binder with tabs for quick and EZ reference.

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5 Quick tips to keep workflow running smoothly:

1. FOCUS on one thing at a time: avoid multitasking.

2. Give yourself daily goals: Have specific goals in mind for every work day.

3. Set priorities: Keep in mind the tasks most important in order to prioritize the day. Don’t try to tackle a huge task all at once: break it down into small, manageable tasks.

4. Do your hardest work first: Tackle the work you’d most like to put off first, so you won’t be dreading it all day.

5. Create an action plan every evening: Before you stop working every day, plan out what you’re going to do the next day. This will help prevent wasting time, energy, and floundering.

The weekend is approaching...
you're stuck inside... make like Nike and JUST DO IT!

I started mine...
I've just got to paint some canvas with magnetic paint
for the inspiration board...
and will post pics soon... in the meantime:

Have a cookie...


  1. Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for the cookie, Lol. Organizing an office is just what I am planning to do. Create a space for bills and papers but also have a craft area. The problem is where in the house I would add it. I do have a pretty good sized guest room with great light. Hardly ever use it as a guest room though. I can't decide if I should take it over as an office/craft room or combine the two.
    Well, looking forward to checking out your office space.



  2. Gorgeous spaces.........jealous here, I have a itty bitty built in nook in the kitchen under the stairs!

  3. Ooooooh Lawdy...I am in love with many of those spaces. Stealing the image and putting it in my inspiration folder kinda love!

    I have soooo many little projects lined up. Just did a mini laundry room (was from just in limbo) re-do. Office space?? WHAT is that? Mine is in my car!

  4. I cant believe January is half over, thanks for the tips on getting ourselves organised. Thanks also for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  5. Hey Artie! ThX for sharing. If the space is really under used, and you're really needing it for an office, I'd go for the conversion... and maybe include a convertable sofa for guests, or convert a twin matress w/storage under, built into a wall w/wrap around office storage.

    Beach, Lime and Jill: Thanx for stopping by!!
    :D Lynda

  6. Thanks for the ideas Lynda. I have a queen size bed in there now. Im thinking either turn it lengthwise and use it as a day bed or bring the daybed w/trundle from upstairs and use that instead. Still working out the kinks. keep on blogging. Enjoying the read.
    I think if I change another room around my dh might lose it. Even though he ends up loving it. Lol. How does your dh handle it?

  7. I love your blog! It is a daily read for me. Thank You for also introducing me to

  8. Artie: The flip sounds GREAT! FRESH! and NEW! w/o spending a dime (except maybe investing in a good weight belt to support your back! lol)so make like NIKE and JUST DO IT! (maybe on paper first? Measure & make cut-outs to move around on paper. If unfamiliar with a scale, 1/4" graph paper could be a big help)

    Funny... DH says two things: "That's new." when it's not... and sings the song from Madagascar: "You Like To Move It Move It" whenever I move something... AGAIN. lol

    ThX ANON! an old high school friend of mine, Adrianna Cruz, turned me on to it on FB... now I'M ADDICTED! It's a FANTASTIC means of keeping all those "ideas" organized!!

    Take Care and
    ThX SO much for reading the blog...

    :D Lynda



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