This weeks PHOTOS FOR FRIDAY are shots I took back in May over on the West Coast of Florida. My husband and I went exploring and shelling on Sanibelle Island one windy and rainy afternoon... during our wedding anniversary getaway to Naples. The organic lines of the weathered trees, littered along the beach, created a great subject for the photos . The organic quality is a way to add texture to a clean modern space. A graphic quality is added to them by converting to black and white. Again, this is a great way to create your own wall art, a conversation piece, as well as maintain the memory of your travels... enJOY.

Played with a Sepia finish...
but it's not me. (it's more my moms style)

Played with threshold of B&W photo (above)
and color saturation (below)

Some pics Jeff shot...

The twists were like clouds you could see other forms in...
What do you see?

Over the weekend, I hope to get some of these framed to put up on the new salon styled wall I put together... but want to re-paint the wall to freshen up the FOCAL POINT in our great room...

Have a restful or project-filled weekend! :D


  1. I love your the photos you took.
    I think they will be fabulous on your salon style wall. Please post when it's done!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Thanks Terri!! Been re-arrange some things around the house today... hopefully tomorrow, I'll have time for printing & framinmg.

    Thanks for stopping by Focal Point.
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    :D Lynda

  3. love driftwood. i think driftwood is strangely beautiful. thank you for sharing. wonderful, wonderful photos.

  4. Beautiful as always!! :o)

  5. fabulous post... love it all... x pam

  6. ThX Linz, Marcie, and Pam!!
    Printing now: pics to be framed for new salon styled wall in our great room!

    Glad you're enJOYing the posts!!
    Thx for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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